TGIF! It's been a while since........

lakeguy35October 19, 2012

I have had time to post or hang out here. In short, I've had many business, personal, and family challengs that have kept me on the run for what seems like forever. I'm finally off that roller coaster ride and moving over to the merry-go-round. LOL Looking forward to a slower pace for now and hopefully the future. Also, hope to spend more time here and get back into cooking, baking, and having fun here with y'all.

Hello to all my old friends here and to all the new members I see in the recent postings. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Breaking out my smoker for the second time this year. Due to the drought and burn ban we were under until a couple of weeks ago I've not been able to use it for months.

Plan on doing some baking too....dessert for sure and some kind of bread. Closing the pool and some yard work will wrap up my weekend for the most part.

Clinking with water for now but I'll raise a Crown or a cold one to all y'all about sixish. : )

Whatcha up to this weekend??

Hope everyone is doing okay and have a GREAT weekend!!

Oh, what's the image file to upload thingie? Did they change how we post pics?


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Hi David! It's great to see you here, I was wondering about you the other day. I also wondered how you were making it through the drought. It was hard on so many.

You can still upload pictures from a web hosting site or you can now upload direct from your computer.

My plans for the weekend sound similar to yours. The deck furniture needs to be put away and planters need cleaning. I have apples to make applesauce and get canned.
No fun social stuff...just work!

TGIF to all!


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Hey David, You've been missed. Welcome back.

I work weekends so nothing planned.


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Hey Big Guy!!!!

I was just thinking of you the other day...and our trip to NYC. Was it 4 years ago or 5? Man that was fun! At least what I can recall!

No big plans here, actually none at all after a very busy Thanksgiving and then a few days in Toronto taking care of Sara while Daddy went off to Ireland with his new lady I say no more! LOL

Tonight I'm smokin' some ribs and will finish them on the grill. Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll get myself some cheap cabbages and do down some sauerkraut and cabbage rolls. Maybe some stuffed peppers too.

Other than that just mellowing out,,,,

So good to see you back!


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Hi David! Welcome back. So glad to see you! I think of you whenever I use my crepe pan or make your pecan pie recipe. And other times, too.

No real weekend plans. I rather like unstructured time. Frankly, I began my weekend today. Shh.


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Sharon, "Daddy" has a lady? Oh good, I'm so glad, and I hope Sara loves her.

Nancy, that canning will at least warm up the kitchen. I haven't even found good apples yet, so my canning will be kale, I think. I have a 5 gallon bucket in the garage that I picked yesterday.

David, I'm so glad to see you here, I was just reading about the big dust storm in Oklahoma and was going to send you an email. Dang, you're dry there.

Weekend plans? I have a birthday party for Bud and Makayla tomorrow, I'm baking cakes for it today. For some reason I lost my mind and bought fifty...yup, that's FIFTY chickens which now need to be plucked and deposited in the freezer. I don't know what the heck I was thinking, but I'd better start that this weekend too. There's that kale I told Nancy about and I'm sure glad I beat you to the covering of the pool, mine's been done for a couple of weeks now. Good thing, leaves are coming down like crazy, I ought to rake to, I suppose. Plus KatieC sent me 20 heads of assorted garlic, I need to get those in the ground pronto, before it freezes solid.

Eileen, I won't tell, LOL, Ann is probably working hard enough for both of you anyway.

Clinking with a cup of coffee, welcome back!


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Hey, welcome home. Glad you are able to switch amusement park rides. My niece and her husband have been here to attend a conference in town so I've done enough "visiting" and eating this week. Tomorrow is Hazardous Waste day at the dump so I will check to see if I have any plutonium in the garage that needs to be dumped, along with old bags of fertilizer and used motor oil.

The weather is supposed to be nice so I will do some yard work and get in a couple walks, I hope. Sunday night I'm invited to a friend's house for dinner. His special ribs are on the menu.

I hope your weekend is a good one.

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A big hug for my Lakeguy! You have been missed and thought of often. I wondered if the business was creating some challenges for you.

Smoke on!


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Glad to see you back - I had wondered what had happened and why you had made yourself scarce.

Kevin and I got a smoker this year, and we've been using it a lot, but it's electric and therefore has no fire danger. Besides that, it's on the most concrete part of the patio and not near any plants. Last week-end we smoked sausage, turkey breast, and a couple of chicken breasts - none of which we have eaten yet, and some might go into the freezer. I also grilled a bunch of chilies (over mesquite charcoal) and will be finishing them by making salsa this week-end. I also plan to go through my closet and garage to see what I have for Halloween in the way of possible costumes, since we will be having a competition again at work this year.

Kevin wants to go to Vasques Rocks for a hike, and I think it might be cool enough to go there now. We've been waiting for cooler weather before trying to go on another mountain hike. Last week-end we had the Space Shuttle creeping through our neighborhood, within four blocks of our house, and so we walked over to watch part of that. It parked in front of Randy's Doughnuts (five blocks from our house) before being transfered to dollies to cross the 405 freeway. It was like a block party with all the people in the streets that had been closed off.


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Lars, I've been to Randy's--many years ago--so I know right where you are located. I heard the shuttle's meandering through the neighborhoods caused quite a commotion. Take care on your hike!

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David, it's good to hear from you! Welcome back. You definitely have been missed.

I'm not doing much but feeling sorry for myself and Dh (now officially known as Jerry, as he joined and posted a few pictures) as we've both been hit with a stomach flue. I came home early from work today. Sadly, today was Jerry's last day of a 3 day vacation he had to take before he lost the days. No, we're not making up being sick. We're miserable, and the weather is perfect outside. It would be a great day to grill or smoke something, er, some food, that is.


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Hey Nancy! Happy canning I didn't get to do much this year. Hope all is well with you and Kim. Man, it's been five years since that wonderful time in the Smokey Mountains....

Ann, hope all is good with you, Moe, and Matt. Sorry you have to work this weekend. I know for a fact that doesn't hinder your cooking and baking.

Hey Sharon! It has been five years, YIKES! I was thinking about my Mayhem gals this week too. I still have pics but we agreed not to post most of them...LOLOLOL Guessing Sara is out of High School and in college by now. I'm sure Dad is having fun. No grands from Chris or Meredith yet??

Eileen, hope all is well with Alice and Danny. Been catching up and Darla is a dead ringer for my Lucy if you remember her. Got a lump in my throat when I saw the pics. She was lucky to have you there to take here in and find her a new home. Nothing wrong with starting the weekend early!

Annie, I know you will have a great day tomorrow with the kids. Can't wait to see the pics, it's been too long for me. I have vague memories of Grandma going to the back yard to grab a chicken or two for dinner. A lot of work but so well worth it for some good fried chicken. The dust storm was crazy for sure, it was worst west of us but we did have to drive with our headlights on for yesterdays evening commute. Hope Elery, and all the kids are doing okay.

Pam, hope all is well with you too. What's up with that crazy neighbor of yours? LOL Hope those boys of yours are taking good care of you and all is well with you Mom. Enjoy those ribs! I'll be putting a rack or two in the smoker in the morning.

Cathy, hope all is well with you and Raymond, the grandkids too. I've been a sealing fool thanks to you! Like I mentioned to Nancy, five years since U-turns and table clothes and more. LOLOL! What a great week!

Lars, glad to hear you are enjoying your smoker. Sounds like a fun weekend you and Kevin have planned...hope you share some pics if you get a chance. So sorry to hear about you Mom and I hope your health challenges are getting better. I still have the readings you sent me years ago for my Birthday......

Sally, sorry y'all have that dang flu/crud that's been going around. Not fun! I saw the news about Big Tex today, that is just crazy. I've been there a couple of times for the OU/TX game back in the day. Hope your place down in Talaquah is coming along too. We need to try to get together one of these days.

I'm rubbing my meat down with dry rub tonight and doing some household chores. Have to get up early to fire up that smoker so the meat is ready by game time. Gooo Soooners!!!


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Hey gf I've missed you. Wiped a tear from my eye when I passed up your forum bday this year, I thought you were gone for good. Never again (unless I give up the job, LOL).

Lars I'd love to join you at Vasquez Rocks. Great hiking. Fun to slink around pretending I'm in a big green lizard costume hissing at Captain Kirk ;-) I'm too busy, next year!

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HELLO DAVID!!! Waving madly from over here!
I've missed you and wondered where you'd gotten to! I hope the family is well and the business is doing well too.

I can't remember what year we did canny camp, just that it was a great time. I'm still longing to return to Chicago and further explore the midwest.
You were on my mind when Eileen fostered Darla, I remembered your Lucy too.

Things here are calmer, DH & I are still working and the dgrandsons are 5 & almost 8yrs old!
Hugs to you!

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I miss Darla. What a sweet girl she is. I've made myself available for a new foster. We'll see who arrives in my life.


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Hey David! Good to hear from you! Cooking and cleaning here this weekend. My goal is to replicate Liberte Mediterranean lemon yogurt. Fell in love with it while staying in Nashville but its not sold in my little town. My older son requested some Reese Cup Rice Krispie treats also. Pretty much a version of my beloved Scotcheroos :)

TGIF to you!


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Hi David! Glad to see you back here.

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David, waving a big "Hello" to you! Very happy to see you back.

We were doing NWS spotter stuff from about 2:30 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. so we slept a good part of today. Luckily, we just got a quick tropical(esque) rain (2.25") & some L/T. No down trees or bad flooding. Been a crazy weather year.

Tomorrow, going to get up early to see the meteor show, have breakfast, then cut down perennials. Sunday afternoon & evening is always NFL around here so we'll cook something for during the games.


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beachlily z9a

Hi David! Hope the work situation is improving....or maybe just more tolerable. Great to see you back where you belong!

This weekend starts the daylily challenge. I move, downsize, and make room for new ones.

Went to the farmer's market this a.m. and a regular vendor has gotten in his annual supply of Pennsylvania apples. Apple crisp is in the oven. Oh, a garlic pork stirfry is the maindish. May not sound like a good combo to some, I just had to use some of those big, crisp, juicy apples!

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Hi David! Missed you! I hope your life is going smoothly now.

DH, Odo and I are home from a walk at the ocean earlier, the other two are napping while I've got my headphones on rocking out to Big Bang, a kpop boy band. Yes, I'm twelve. Beautiful cloudy/sunny day here. We'll be back out later to look at bathroom faucets for another remodeling project.

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