Boy birthday party ideas

LauraBFebruary 6, 2002

Hi everyone, I need ideas for party ideas for my son who will be turning seven at the end of this month. We've been telling him all year since his last huge party (25 kids, a bounce house and pouring rain...ugg!)not to expect to have a big party this year. I've told him no to the idea of having a skating party so we need to come up with ideas of some fun things we can do at home with ten seven and eight year olds. I just can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars this year on food, decorations, party favors or a costly venue. Thanks!


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Does your son enjoy painting or doing crafts? They could then take whatever they made home as their party favor.
My son is 5 and he LOVES to get into gooey stuff. I have an awesome book called Kid's Concoctions with bunches of recipes for different crafts.
Other than this, I am drawing a blank!! Hope I helped a little :)


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How about a Scavenger Hunt? You could hide small party favors along the route, and have a Pinata at the end as the prize for everyone.....then the easy segue into the Pinata bashing, lol.

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How about an Olympics theme? You can play musical chairs & use the Olympics theme music; adapt other party games to the Olympics by re-naming them. With the Winter Olympics taking place now, Olympic-themed favors & stuff might be easy to find.

There's a whole Olympics party plan in the "Penny Whistle Party Planner" book, including menu ideas. I've seen these books at our library. Its the one with the blue cover. I recommend these books for anyone with young kids - tons of creative, and inexpensive, party ideas.

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I wouldn't worry about a lot of decorations for boys. I agree with trying to combine your activity as the party favor. You could have them decorate their own cupcakes or cookies. Scavenger hunt is another good idea. The prize could be a pinata and then everyone gets a chance at breaking it.
I've seen the backwards party mentioned a lot and kids his age would probably get a kick out of it. You could really go all out from invitations to the final parting or just let the invitation say it's a backward party so wear your clothes backward etc. Play musical chairs backward-when the music stops you get up and move around or you walk around and then sit when the music comes on. I think Family Fun website may have had some ideas on this.

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I wouldn't worry about a lot of decorations for ANYONE, frankly.

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ladyish2 has great, easy theme partys.

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I have a 7 year old boy. All he wants for his next bday party is to have his 2 best friends sleep over. You don't have to have a huge party or invite every kid he knows. Get a pizza and a movie, invite 2 or 3 friends, have a sleep over with cake an ice cream - or if you don't want to do a sleepover, just have pizza, pop, and cake and an evening of board games with his best friends. No decorations, no goody bags, etc. The kids don't really expect all of that at this age - it's a treat when they get goodie bags but they don't miss them if they don't. Good luck.

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