Primer/Paint additive for odor?

kyliegirlMarch 17, 2007

Does anyone know what can be added to primer or paint to help with the odor? I gave a young couple advise on painting the interior, but they are not using the low odor Zinsser 123, but the regular one and are using Valspar paint. I have never used Valspar myself. Anyway, there was a thread from looooong ago about additives you can mix in for the odor. I can't find it! They have 3 children, ages 2,8 and 10.

Any ideas?

They are going to open the 40 degress outside!

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I have read that you can add vanilla to paint to eliminate the odor without affecting the way the paint performs.

I do not see the point to adding a scent. You are still inhaling the poisonous fumes no matter how it smells. You should not have children in around fresh paint in an enclosed area whether the paint "smells good" or not.

Open the window to let the chemicals out no matter what the temperature is.

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"...poisonous fumes..."

Yes, there has been an absolute epidemic of deaths from latex paint...

Just cause it smells bad does not make it poisonous or dangerous.
And plenty of things that smell or taste 'good' are very dangerous.
Most of the stink from latex paint is the ammonia used to keep the latex in solution.

If the smell really bother you add artificail vanilla extract. The real stuff is brown and can color paint (though you are only using about 1 teaspoon per gallon).

If you eat enough peach pits you can die from cyanide poisoning.
Drink enough gin and the juniper berries can get you.

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I though ammonia was a poison? Some people say they get headaches around fresh paint and I don't think vanilla will help that.

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According to this article the odor is not the ammonia, but the distinctive smell of paint is actually from two VOCs, dibutyl and diethyl phthalate:

The danger is not just coming from wet paint as it dries, but "Although many of the toxic materials found in paints have been reduced in recent years due to legislation, especially among latex paints, some may still be released as the paint dries and the compounds volatilize, while others continue to be released into the ambient environment after the paint dries when there is no detectable odor...Paint emissions can continue for extended periods of time after application. It is estimated that less than 50% of the VOC's in latex paint (applied to a surface) are emitted in the first year. Compounds studied include ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, Texanol®, and butoxyethanol."

Persistent toxic substances can cause liver and kidney disease, cancer, genetic mutations and reproductive problems in living things. These substances do not go away. They remain in the environment for long periods of time. They accumulate in the tissues of plants and animals.

Latex paint still contains countless toxins and carcinogens such as acetone, ammonia, crystalline silica, methyl methacrylate, ethylene glycol as a solvent, and formaldehyde precursors. We all know that formaldehyde was taken out of paint years ago. However, manufacturers have decided to use formaldehyde precursors to allow the paint to develop formaldehyde during the curing process.

There is lot of info out there is you just look for it. Adding vanilla or some other scent, to paint is not going to eleminate the possiblity of damageing your organs or causing birth defects when you breath in the poisonous fumes. Open a window. Better yet, use non VOC paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zero VOC Paint

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If odor is of concern, why not use one of the no-VOC paints? It was of great concern to me on our new basement--about 1000/sf of primer and 2 coats/paint coverage. I chose to use Sherwin-Williams' Harmony line. I was pleased with the very low odor (there is only a slight smell). Hubby came home from a business trip, during which I'd primed the entire basement myself, and he was amazed that there was no odor in the basement 2 days after I'd completed it (I could've slept in those rooms the very night, easily).

If they like Valspar colors, they could always have S-W match it--or any other of the paint lines that offer no-VOC paints.


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