painting aluminum patio door...

mahatmacat1March 24, 2007

We have a chance to get an unused Jeld-Wen patio door at a *serious* discount, but we'd need to paint the outside of it...and I've searched "aluminum" here and found some recommendations--I'm just hoping for confirmation that the same things used to paint aluminum siding can be used to paint a new aluminum door that happens to have another color on it...use an aluminum-specific primer, then the right paint and it should work?

Jeld-Wen provides touch-up paint in its colors, so I can probably use that, if I can get enough of it. If not, what would people consider the best aluminum primer and paint?

Thanks. This can save us over $1K if I'm willing and able to paint it to match the other windows...

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It's fir on the inside--this would be paint only on the outside, and the exposure is pretty minimal--it's well protected. But it still needs to be hardy.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


Any quality spray enamel for metal will work well. Of course, a dull surface is always best, followed by a coat of primer.

I recommend Rust-Oleum Brands.

Choose the Clean Metal Primer and any topcoat from the protective enamel selections.


Here is a link that might be useful: Protective Enamel

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Michael, *thanks*! We'd have to dull the surface down, but it's brand new so we wouldn't have to clean it. But as we went to see it, I realized I'm not all that thrilled by it--it was a step down from what I was led to believe it was. Ah, such are the vagaries of craigslist...but I'll keep your advice in mind if we end up buying something else like it. I was specifically hoping you'd see my post and reply, actually :) Hope everyone is well and safe in your kin circle :)

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