BM Marblehead gold or Hathaway Gold

bbellMarch 22, 2011

I can't decide on a color for my kitchen it is between BM Marblehead gold or Hathaway Gold. One is warmer and darker and the other is pale. My kitchen has sunlight from morning till night. My cabinets are maple - chestnut color.

I have purchased the sample paints of each and still can't decide. If anyone has pics of either of these two colors used in their home, can you please post them?

Thanks in advance.

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ok, my 2 cents . .. use the darker of the 2 and heres why. When a room with medium to dark wood in it (chestnut would be a darker colored wood) is painted a pale color, the wood looks dark and miserable. I am sure you dont want to hate your cabinets. When the same room is painted a medium tone, or a dark tone, the wood becomes lively and interesting. always paint a color whose value is no lighter than the value of the light part of the wood grain and youll end up not hating your wood.

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