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paulineinmnMarch 14, 2011

Has anyone used BM Advance paint on new cabinets? We're trying to decide between Satin Impervo Alkyd, Waterborne Satin Impervo, and the newer Advance product. We want a product that is very durable and levels well, and we were thinking about oil for those reasons, but keep hearing about the issues with yellowing. Our cabinets will be a very light creamy white; they are in the kitchen so we'll need a durable paint.

We've also heard Muralo Ultra Super Premium Waterborne Finish is good - anyone have comments on Muralo vs. the BM products?

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I was just at BM today looking for a creamy white as well. I was thinking that Aura would be the way to go for my kitchen cabs but the guy there talked me in to trying the Advance. (sorry haven't tried it yet)

Someone here said that on the scale of yellowing, oil would be a 10, water a 2 and the Advance a 4.

I guess I really can't help too much .
But it's a bump-up !
I hope there's someone out there that has sampled the Advance.

I can't get Muralo here and have never tried the Satin Impervo ..
The Aura I used on the bath cabs is really nice,much tougher than the Behr I used in the laundry room .( I know what isn't)

The problem is : I'm an over-brusher.
There I said it.

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