Texas style?

patty_cakesFebruary 28, 2014

When DD/DH moved here, MIL followed shortly thereafter, with myself not far behind~we both wanted to be near our grands. Her decorating is right on target, antler chandelier, as well as the smaller antler wall decorations, cowhide, and a very large Texas star over th fireplace. As for me, nada, not a darn thing Texan, but the love I feel is enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas

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1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. No
6. No
7. No, but to most of my friends Yes
8. Um, neither
9. No

  1. No

But what do I know, I've only lived in Texas for 56 years.

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1. Like the table and chair, not the antlers and not likely to ever have a cowhide rug (wouldn't dogs thing it was a chew toy?)
2 Yes or at least well could be. We like open spaces.
3. Yes, of course.
4. Yes, or from the garden.
5. Never done it but can't say I wouldn't if I lived at least 300 miles west (I'm in piney woods, not the dessert)
6. No
7. ?? Not heavy drinkers, but we like margaritas.
8. Have a piece of western art in my home, but more likely to go with a landscape than a cowboy picture. And I like some Picassos, but it would have to be a print. ;-)
9. Well perhaps it could be if I took out the kitchen and just called the caterers, but No.

  1. No... I bet my master bath isn't as big as that closet must be,
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I have two cowhide rugs, but no antlers. At least the ones shown aren't painted white.

I wish I had a closet like that! With those shoes, of course.

Yes on the rest, except add a pitcher of homemade Sangria alongside the Margaritas.

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I LOVE #2. We'd need some fans out there from April-Nov.

None of those pics look like my neighbors' (or my) rooms, but then it isn't "Middle-Class Texan style" :)

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I live a long way from Texas (and in a different country) altho have always liked some things about the style. I have a steer hide and a star in my house and even a pasture in my view altho these days it has horses not cows grazing! I often use wild flowers in my house instead of flowers from my garden. I dream about finding the large shed antlers from a buck I saw the other year on my land.

I do wonder how many houses in Texas *really* have large dining rooms!

None of our dogs over the years have ever shown the slightest interest in chewing the steer hide. I use it on a table now, not on the floor and the cats occasionally like to sit on it.

I sometimes visit the link below just because I like the style.

Here is a link that might be useful: King Ranch Saddle Shop

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Let's see:

Lived here for 20 years:

1)Love the desk and chair. Not the rug BUT I do like the antlers -- just not the WHOLE wall of them!

2)No. Not really. I prefer an outdoor dining room near the kitchen, well protected from bugs (have you SEEN the blasted SIZE of our mosquitoes???)

3)The backyard is for barbeques, swims, dips and chips and raised gardens.

4)My favorite flowers are ANY type, size and kind -- and greenery like herbs -- in bouquets, singles and assorted.

5)Drought? Hell. I have dustbunnies that big!! Just teasing! LOL! ((actually they are dust rhinos that hide and then appear just after hours of cleaning .....))

6)Tom Ford??? Wish I could afford his perfume! :)

7)Not margaritas .... usually martinis .....or Harvey Wallbangers .... or Bloody Marys (for brunch)

8)Neither. I prefer artworks that way older. Or my collection of Ouija boards.

9)My dining room is tiny. My entire house could fit inside THAT dining room!! LOL!

10)My entire house could probably fit in that closet. Yes. I do covet the shoes.

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Oops, I forgot the dining room ... mine is small. Just enough room for our round table and China cabinet (house is 2,500 sq ft). Even larger houses I've seen around here don't have ginormous dining rooms.

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Many design articles are ridiculous, but #5 is just over the top. Tumbleweeds as decor? They are such a huge allergen for so many people, really messy and a huge nuisance. I googled the concept and there is even a place that will mail you tumbleweeds, of course, for a price. I wish I had thought of that; I guarantee I have about 100 stuck in my fence right now...

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lolauren, I agree ... they can be so messy. Funny, we were driving through a small town today, and saw one cross the road. (A pretty, hilly, woodsy town, in the Hill Country area.) Guess I should have grabbed it and sold it on Craigslist. :-D

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i have to say, i really love the idea of a collection of prints that pays homage to the place. sort of homey and artsy all at the same time.

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lolauren, I've lived in Texas all my life and was kind of excited to see my first tumbleweed a couple of years ago on my way west on I10 and then heading up to Lubbock. :)

We went to a party and the people had turned their garage into a dining room with 2 huge dining tables. I was jealous.

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sundownr: I can relate; I was so amused the first time I saw a tumbleweed blowing across the road, and I can see the novelty if one doesn't live in tumbleweed country. :) (I felt like I was watching a movie during our first dust storm!) However, after living in a high-density tumbleweed area for 10 years now, I cannot fathom thinking anything positive about them.

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Loved the link! And even though I'm not in Texas, but in the next state over, I have to say that many of the photos do represent what the rest of the world relates to as "Texas Style".
One thing that always makes me chuckle, though, is the romantic feelings NON-Westerners seem to have towards tumbleweeds. IRL, they are awful, messy PIAs with hundreds of nasty little painful thorns. And they scatter their gazillion seeds as they tumble, too! Every Spring we are out on our land trying to find and pull them out before they start getting big, as ours have made it to 4-feet high! I do not like tumbleweeds!

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