Help me articulate why I want Aura matte paint...

chaylabirdMarch 13, 2011

After reading this forum - and many others - exhaustively we are finally at the point where we are ready to select paint for our new home! Based on the information that I've gotten I think that Aura matte finish would be the best choice for us. I have 4 young children and I want something that will wear well. I'm trying to do it right the first time instead of having to fix problems later on... But do I want that finish throughout the house. And can anyone give me a "down & dirty" list of the advantages so I can be prepared in case the builder isn't in agreement? Thanks so much for your help everyone - I could never have built/decorated a house without gardenweb!

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It's obviously a great paint!

I'd go for Matte everywhere except Kitchen & Bathrooms.
Aura has a K&B paint. Use it there.

I'm on the fence for the kids rooms themselves! I'd put an Egg or Satin in there.


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It's probably the most durable paint available, aside from Fine Paints of Europe. All other washable mattes/flats are not truly washable like the Aura. If you are really not interested in having a sheen on the walls but you still want durability, then Aura is the best option. I really don't know what the builder can's your house and you have done the research. Of course, it will come with a price increase because Aura is more expensive than whatever other paint the builder/painter was planning on using and it should be applied two coats on top of a good primer.

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