Need help with Kitchen Floorplan (comparing two plans)

HiHoHiHoFebruary 6, 2014


I posted this in building a new home forum but they recommend I put it in the Kitchen forum. Basically I have two drawings for my kitchen that I am torn over. Both have positives and negatives. Hoping to get feedback on which people like better or if they have suggestions.

option 1:

option 2:

Also still need to figure out the 'trapped' entry way

Thanks so much!

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second option below

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Put the cleanup sink on the refrigerator wall also, and just a small prep sink on the island and option #2 will be better for entertaining. The long wall of cabinets going into the DR can be a built in china cabinet and it will be an easy route from the table to the cleanup zone. There will be less windows to buy as well. You could keep a window in the pantry for a small desk/recipe area under it.

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I'd prefer the 1st one, but move the fridge to the top of the L and add a prep sink to the island.

If you go with the second, i'd follow LW'Os, suggestion, but consider moving the fridge to the range counter, either near the DR or the nook, depending on where you'll need it most, and maybe add a utc fridge on the other side.

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I like the second one. My kitchen is similar to the first one (L shaped) but the appliances are where they are in your second picture. That corner gets a little tight when several of us are cooking.

Our sink and stove are across from each other and the fridge is at the end of the island and that arrangement works well for us.

I love, love your pantry. And all the extra counter space you get in the 2nd one.

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Sorry for the delay, here are some models we tried to make.

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Another view

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Last one....

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So what's the question :-)?

The one glaring 'fault' I see is having the sink directly across from the range. It's symmetrical, sure, but it gets in the way of functionality (hard to have someone at the sink washing pots and pans or loading the dishwasher while someone is cooking)

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I guess the general question is does this look like a functional kitchen? Enough counter space? Thanks sjhockey- The sink point is a good one, I didn't think of that! My only thought was that if the sink wasn't under a window, I thought it would look better in the island than on a wall. Also it seems like it would be nice to watch the kids and tv while doing dishes (since it now faces the family room). I do tend to like symmetry. What do you think would be best to move, the cooktop or sink? I made 4' wide aisles so there is some room

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Given the design with the walkway on the left, and the desire for symmetry, you might just consider moving the island out even a little more -- no more than 54" but more than 48". I have 48" now and I know it wouldn't work to have people standing back-to-back. (That said, I personally don't like cooktops on islands, but lots of people do).

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I didn't want the cooktop in the island since we will have little kids and that makes me nervous. I could also try the sink and dishwashers in the perpendicular wall, next to where the wall oven is now. I do like the idea of having the option for husband to do the dishes while I cam you think the island is too large or a good size? I was hoping for a double row of base cabinets underneath so it is quite wide, about 5 feet. Do you think a single row of base cabinets would be better?

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Are you planning for any stools at your counter? I did a mix of cabinets -- all standard in the front (24" deep drawers and microwave). In the back, for half the length, I did some 12" deep cabinets, and for half the length, I left it open for stools. The 12" deep cabinets were sort of a "throwaway", meaning I had the space, and needed the storage, so why not - in my case, I'm storing serving bowls and the like, but in my old kitchen when my kids were little, that's where their art supplies resided.

Since none of your walls are exterior walls, it might make sense to move the cleanup sink and dishwasher to that wall with the oven, however, the best layout is usually refrigerator-water source-prep-cooktop, and that would put your only water source kind of far away. Any chance you could put the cleanup sink and dishwasher on that left wall, and a small prep sink at the refrigerator end of the island?

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Just a thought...
How much time is actually spent "doing dishes"? Aren't you planning on a DW? People seem to over estimate the time spent at a sink where you actually could be gazing out at a beautiful view or talking with others. This morning I spent a few minutes at the sink scrubbing a pan that can't fit in the DW. It took just a few minutes and I had to look at the pan not out the window. I have a window over my sink that I rarely look out.

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We are planning for stools on the side opposite the sink and on the side nearest the windows. I think in the 3rd rendering you can kind of see the overhang. I was thinking of putting the double row of base cabinets so that the stool side would be full door cabinets for storage of rarely used items (serving bowls and things) supplies sounds look a good candidate too! I was planning on doing about 63" wide to accommodate 2x24" depth base cabinets and a 15" overhang for the stools (or is it 18"? I don't remember at the moment). I figure I can never have too much storage. We can move the sink and add the prep sink but then I wonder, is the main sink and dishwasher too far from the nook area? I am probably just overanalyzing this all but it seems better to try to consider all situations since it will be hard to change anything in the future.

Debrak- We don't spend a ton of time washing dishes but we do hand wash a lot of bottles right now. I don't mind not having the window above the sink, I just want the kitchen to look nice and be functional. It seems like every layout has plusses and minuses. The question is which is the best compromise?

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