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kashka_katMarch 6, 2013

My house is 100 yrs old �" have been doing 100 yrs worth of plaster repair and after about 7 years (seriously!) IâÂÂm almost ready to paint. The surface throughout the house is a hodgepodge of new plaster (cured at least 30 days), drywall patches with skim coat over it, large areas of original plaster where paint chipped off leaving original dark brown and dark green paint (some calcimine, some oil), other areas with more modern latex layers (white) still attached. Some of the surface I would call chalky �" some of the original plaster repair I did about 8 years ago with Easy-sand as the top layer and the primer and paint I put over it doesnâÂÂt really adhere very well �" itâÂÂs peeling off in places. That stuff is so soft it rubs off on my hand �" is it supposed to be like that?

I read about Gardz but its confusing �" some of it seems to be specifically for damaged drywall and it says that on the label �" other descriptions have it being more of a generic problem surface primer �" which is it?

Or, any other suggestions? I happen to have a can of Peel Stop but that only seems to apply to the chalky stuff.

Thanks! ItâÂÂs the end of an era �" 7 years of prep work! Want to be sure I donâÂÂt EVER have to do it again (well, not to this degree.)

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Are you looking for a specific primer?

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Or primers - plural.

Is one product going to do it all - work on all the different surfaces?

If I use the peel-stop or gardz, if do I also have to put a white primer over it (since those are clear).

I guess I am looking for feedback or opinions about what exact course of action to take.. Its confusing because as I mentioned, Im finding different product descriptions of Gardz - in some places it is labelled specifically as a Damaged Drywall Sealer and says that on the label and talks about only damaged drywall. Other places say its good for ALL problem surfaces. Well, which is it - good for everything, or just drywall?.

Or is there anything else out there? If I drop the idea of finding one single primer - what else is there? Maybe different products for different surfaces ---???

I'm dazed and confused and not just from orange paint stripper fumes -ughhh! (Why do people say that stuff smells good - it doesn't)

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Gardz is great and would probably work.
If I was doing it, I would make sure all is cleaned and then apply a coat of Zinnsers Cover Stain( odorless) on everything.

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I've used Gardz. Quite simply it is very similiar to a clear, acrylic varnish. The reason they say it's for dammaged drywall is because it will put a smooth surface where the paper has been torn off.

Another reason to use Gardz is that it will give a uniform surface to apply semi-gloss paint. If you apply semi-gloss to drywall that has been taped (but not skim coated) it is very easy to see where there's drywall, and where there are seams, nail heads, etc.

Gardz will level the surface. I wouldn't put an additional white primer over the Gardz. Two top coats should cover.

Give it a try in one room.

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