ballet white or white dove for exterior

ocean122March 13, 2014

Trying to decide on the exterior color of a spanish style florida home. I like both Ballet white and White Dove. both BM
My kitchen and office cabinets are painted White Dove BM
and i love them. But i am not sure if it may be too white for the exterior. My house has east/west exposure. my main issue is that I don't want the house to have a yellow tone to it.
Please let me know if anyone has any experience with these two colors on the exterior.
The roof is color is tan/light brown tiles. Kind of ugly but i am stuck with it for now;(

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It's not a bad idea to ask how colors worked out for other people, but you have to test the color in your own environment.

There is another thread here where someone mentions that a color looks great on the back of her house but not the front.

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Good advice from Graywings. Whether or not they're going to be "too white" is going to have to be your call. Regardless, I don't think either of these colors will appear yellow, which you expressed as your main concern. They're each more in the red/brown/taupe family. Also, I might guess that the afternoon and evening light on the West side of your home would bring out the warm/red tones in each, more so in the Ballet. And, my guess would be that Ballet may read a tad less bright in midday sunlight than White Dove, however, it is just a GUESS as I'm not seeing them IRL side by side, or where you are! SO many environmental factors impact perceived house color - trees, water, nearby buildings, the ground, weather, as well as the general atmosphere, for example. Still, they are both well-known and well-liked colors, I'm sure either would be lovely.

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