LISP...Finally Corrected for son!

bnicebkindFebruary 22, 2012

My son had a strong lisp. He would go to Speech Therapy once a week at school (where they would come to the class and take the 3-5 kids that needed speech therapy out of class, and head down to another classroom once a week for speech). We saw no improvement, even though he started in Pre-K, and around 4th grade, we pulled him out of speech as kids were now starting to make fun of him for having to go to Speech) and we went to a private Speech Therapist at $50 per 45 minute session, and still no significant improvement, even though we continued for over a year. In middle school, the strong lisp was now causing him social problems. The experts kept advising us to continue Speech Therapy. During this time, as I got older, I noticed that my own teeth were beginning to move, (I had never worn my retainer after having my braces removed in high school)...but with the movement, I was beginning to lisp...a problem that I have NEVER had personally. I realized that with the movement of my own teeth, there wasn't enough room for my tongue, and so lisping was beginning to occur. I took my son to 3 different Orthodontists and explained this, and asked them if widening my son's jaw via and orthodontic "Expander" would give his tongue more room, and eliminate the Lisp that was occurring. None of the 3 Orthodontists seemed hopeful, but we went forward, and chose an Orthodontist and they put the Orthodontic "Expander" on my son prior to putting my son in braces.

***** This corrected the Lisp!!!!!!

So for those parents struggling like we did trying to figure out how to help our son before his strong lisp became permanent, you may want to look into whether there is enough width (room) in your child's mouth for his/her tongue to work correctly. The experts seemed doubtful about this working, however because of the movement of my own teeth, and the problem that was causing for me, I was hopeful that widening his jaw would help, and it worked.

For me, I have learned that they cannot widen the jaw (after age 21) of an adult without surgery. I am now in braces and will see if they can get enough movement to where it also helps me.

I thought other parents going through all of the speech therapy might want to hear our experience with our son.

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I am so happy for your son. Kudos to the Orthodontist that agreed to to the expander.

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