Maple Natural Stained Cabinets & Golden Oak Floors...Keep, or Not

amck2February 1, 2013

I've posted recently about whether to replace my broken range w/ a new slide-in or go w/ a cooktop & wall ovens. For practical reasons I'm going w/ a new induction slide-in.

DH still wants to get rid of the OTR MW & put in a venting hood & tile the backsplash area. We've only had paint on the B/S area for the past 11 yrs.

This will forestall a major remodel, but it will still mean some "disruption" to the cabinetry. It's Kraftmaid, maple, shaker-style doors - 12 yrs. old - w/ natural stain. Came w/ the house. We replaced the formica countertops w/ granite called "Golden Leaf" which is mostly taupe/golden sage/black. Granite is on both the countertops & the island.

My DD & SIL are intrepid and talented DIY'ers. DD is lobbying for painting the cabinets and island. I agree that there is a lot of same colored woodtones going on in my kitchen area. However, 2 things give me pause before I paint. The first is that we have an open floor plan & the kitchen is visible from the adjoining sunroom & DR & even part of the LR. In that respect, I like having the neutral base. The second issue is just being a little hesitant to paint over the natural wood. It's been so easy to maintain - doesn't show fingerprints, dust, doesn't chip or show wear when washed.

Any thoughts? Opinions?

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Fori is not pleased

Depends on if you like it! Show a photo and we can tell you if WE like it though. :)

(If the OTR comes out without leaving messy cabs next to it, I'd be tempted to leave it. Painting cabinets is hard work. If it's too woody with the floors, put in a colorful area rug.)

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I still (hanging my head, shame faced) don't know how to upload photos. But I will get someone to help me and post a few. Would be best to take them in daylight.

fori, having taken part in DD's reno I do know how labor intenstive it is to paint cabinets properly. DD & SIL painted them in his Dad's home and later in their own. They have a large garage space (w/ heat) & a good sprayer. I helped with the priming, sanding, & poly stages with the ones for their home. Lots of steps & drying time between but the results were so worth it. I know I'll go bananas during the process, having everything out of order. But I could get through that. I just have to decide if a change is in order.

I'm so used to seeing it as it is, I can't be objective. That's why I'd like opinions from the folks here.

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In my last house my one big regret was having the same color cabinets and floor. I like some contrast. Hard to say without a picture but I know I have really liked some of the transformed wood to painted kitchens on GW.

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