Please tell me what paint looks like this.

kitchendetectiveMarch 21, 2011

Please give me some ideas of a paint color and brand that appears like this blue:

Many thanks.

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I don't know but I would love it for my front door.
Good luck. Nice blue.

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Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'd say go to your local paint store and get tons of samples...very hard to tell from a computer monitor. There HAS to be something that would come very close. Unless you already have something painted that color that you have to match, it's just finding the color you like, no?

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A relative of mine has her bedroom painted in a similar shade of blue and it is beautiful. She used one of the blues from the C2 line of paints (several Benjamin Moore dealers carry this line I believe). I can't recall the color name, but there were several gorgeous blue colors to choose from.

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This is the closest I got for a jumping-off point...
I guess you could get a can and spray a sample board then take that to the paint guys and see what they come up with.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't usually go for the "guess this color" threads, but you know I like ya, KD, so I'll play! ;-)

The kitchen, which looks English to me, made me think of Farrow & Ball Cook's Blue. It is not so purple, though, so it's probably not what you're after. At Ben Moore, Brazilian Blue 817 looks similar. I think C2 has some of the very best purple-y blues, so I would look at those colors if they're available to you. Maybe Pleiades or Muscari.

Good luck!

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Ha, ha, ha. I tried to word the question to take into consideration the pitfalls of the name-this-color threads. I do think it's in the Cook's Blue realm, but not quite. (Wish it were, though, as I am such an avid devotee of the F&B pudding paints.) I've yet to find a C2 vendor, but I am intrigued by their online blues. I am trying to narrow down the amount of samples I need to order before starting this project. Thanks all.

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I had a good experience ordering C2 samples from Belcaro (Denver) back when I lived in the hinterlands. Not sure if they ship gallons or not.

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