How I brought dh and dd closer together

freezetagFebruary 17, 2009

A.K.A., The Silver Lining to my Crummy Valentines Day.

Some background: Dd complains that dh is too critical and makes fun of her. Dh complains that dd is oversensitive and flies off the handle at the slightest thing. Our house is generally noisy and chaotic. Although this irritates me, I try really hard to stay calm and cheerful, partly to set a good example, and partly because acting cheerful really does improve my mood.

So Saturday, dh accused me of trying to pick a fight (which honestly, I wasn't, not sure why he thought that). We were discussing the economic stimulus plan, which he is against, and I was (calmly and cheerfully) trying to explain why, even though banks are evil, most people think it would be economic suicide to let them fail. He then tells me he doesn't like the way I think or speak, and all of the sudden, decides to work an extra 12 hours on Saturday, on top of his 24 hour shift on Sunday.

Also on Saturday, dd and I went shopping at the mall for a birthday gift for her friend. She picked out items that went over our budget and apparently, as I (calmly and cheerfully) explained this to her, my demeanor was embarrassing, so we ended up leaving without getting anything.

On the plus side, dh and dd have spent some quality time discussing how horrible I was to them on Saturday, like maybe having a common enemy has helped them to find other common ground. They even played some hoops out in the driveway, which hasn't happened for a long time.

Was thinking maybe I need to tone down the calm, cheerful act, but hey, maybe I'll pull it out now and again if anyone else needs to bond :)

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LOL Freeze, and why dont you throw in a little crazy, and some confusion tactics? That might help..When DH starts talking about the Stimulis package I say OMG my ovaries hurt, and he gets so confused he stops talking about it.....

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It sounds like my DH and DD. They seem to really bond when she's mad at me for something! LOL

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LOL common enemy !

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That's what brings my kids together. I prefer them working together against me that all the chaos of them fighting each other. At least they are learning to organize and cooperate.

And it's not like they can defeat me anyway. ;o)

Once in a while they'll all get so mad at me they shut themselves off in one kid's room... and clean it! Oh the horror! It goes something like "Oh, Mom is so mean! I'll come help you, that'll get her!"

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