HELP - Slumber party activity ideas needed

angela_nor_califFebruary 24, 2002

We're having a slumber party for my DD's 9th bday. Probably about 6-8 girls. It starts at 3:00 p.m. I was thinking we'd probably have pizza - should I order it or let them make their own? Also was thinking about maybe making cupcakes and letting them decorate them but I need more ideas for activities.

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I'm assuming you're picking the girls up right after school. Would you rather let them go home & come over around 6 p.m. to give them time to decompress from their day at school? Just an idea, if the geographial logistics aren't impossible.

I wouldn't get that hung up on having activities planned. Girls that age like unstructured play & to visit with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can let your daughter pick out a couple of videos @ the rental store that they can watch in the evening.

Manicures are fun. Get out the plastic cover for the table & get small bottles of polish & let them do their nails.

One game that my DD & her friends have always liked is the "rollers & cold cream" game. They have to completely roll their hair up in 6 sponge rollers & put cold cream on their faces. Whoever gets done first wins.

I'd order Pizza in. There's something special about ordering & waiting for it to come.

Sounds like fun! My daughter is having a sleepover in 2 weeks (she's 12). I think they're planning on chalking & forking boys houses & probably making crank phone calls. OH, to have a 9 year old again!

Have fun!

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I agree about not trying to have too many structured activities. Ordering pizza in will be a special treat for the girls. I think the manicure idea is great. I am sure they will want to talk about boys, tell late night ghost stories, etc. The rental movies are a good idea. Plan on having popcorn ready. The next morning I am sure they would love something like chocolate chip pancakes. That was always a fun treat when we had sleepovers as kids.

Good luck and have fun!! ;-)

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Another good treat is Rice Krispie Treats! I have 2 cousins that STILL call me (they are 27 and 26:) and tell me that they will never forget how we always made rice krispie treats every time they came over!! You can make them with fruity pepples too:).

Have a great time!!


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I'd say order pizza too. Some of the girls will want just plain cheese pizza anyway. It's also pretty easy to let them make their own banana splits or sundaes. Movies are great to get them to wind down. My kids love Act II's microwave popcorn "buttery kettle corn". It's a little sweet. I always worry that the kids will get bored but they don't. The cold cream (would coolwhip work?) and rollers would make great photos though. I love that idea!

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Thanks everybody. My almost 9yr old DD also told me not too many activities, they'll just have fun on their own. So that makes it a lot easier on me. I will order pizza. I'm going to get Twister too. I thought they'd have fun playing that and some movies.

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Last year my daughter who turned 8 had her 1st sleepover. They had a blast. I set up 2 crafts / braclet decorating and pillow fabric painting.They ate store bought pizza, carrots and fruit. I think the biggest hit was the when I gave each girl a folder file filled with color pages I had found on the internet. I also made word search puzzles having to do with the school they attended. When the girls felt a little lost on what to do they would grab their folders and color/marker away. They watched Mary Kate and Ashley movies (they had no idea who the girls were. I also bought mini flashlights (oriental trading company) for each girl. I think each age group likes different things: for an eight year party I'd keep them busy, However for a 9 year old I can see how they would like more free time to just hang out.

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Ummm... this post is from 2002!
That nine year old is now 18 and probably won't care about "Mary Kate and Ashley movies", coloring and word searches.....

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