Drywall Repair - Need Gardz?

cosiegirlMarch 28, 2012

We just had some drywall in our family room repaired as there were some seams popping. The repairs are more extensive than I expected and I am now worried about getting an even sheen on the paint.

I planned on hiring painters for the first time to do the painting but I am worried they won't prime correctly or be as methodical as my husband and I are when we paint. In fact, the first guy to give a quote was resistant to priming at all (patches weren't up yet though).

Will 2 goats of something like Zinsser 123 be enough for priming or do I need to use Gardz to be sure? We used that on other walls where we had damage after removing wallpaper and it worked well. Not sure if I can get a painter to use Gardz and whether the entire wall should be covered or just the patches? Could we just put Gardz over the patches (ourselves) and then do 2 coats of regular primer (by the painter)?

I just feel uncomfortable trusting painters on this. Thanks.

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The Gardz is a good primer, but really not necessary unless there is torn drywall paper or residual wallpaper glue. For normal drywall patches, a regular primer is fine. I don't blame the painters really for not thinking priming is necessary. If the patches aren't widespread, I may spot prime with the paint itself and then apply two full coats. What can get scary is when you spot prime the patches with a primer and then paint over that. The spot primed areas may flash through the paint. It's best to prime the entire wall or not at all. If you are worried about it, get prices for priming and two finish coats (full prime) and don't let them talk you into other sceneriors.

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Follow PG here!
If you're a fussy person, I'd just "hazily" roll 123 over the repairs, feathering-out to nothing.
Then...yes...prime the whole wall with 123.

You've now got an IDEAL base with ZERO chance of sheen variation. Well...assuming they're decent painters?!!?!? LOL!


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