How long is unopened paint good for.

caminncMarch 18, 2012

I have a can of SW "Superpaint" Interior latex in the garage for about four years now an have never opened it. Is it still good? Thanks.

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It's probably fine if the lid is on tight and it hasn't frozen. Paint sitting in the can for a year or more though usually needs to be strained. You can pour the paint through a paint strainer or some old nylons to get the little chunks out.

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Yep...if it ever froze, it's GONE.

Stir with a paint-stick, scraping it across the bottom & sides firmly. Then use "rising" stir motions.
Have a paint-shop shake it if doesn't smell bad.
If test-brushes out smooth, and there's no "cottage-cheesiness" to it, you're golden! PG said...strain it.


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Thank you both. I am not 100% sure it's never frozen but I wouldn't think so. The can is not rusted and looks new. The paint is very smooth with no lumps or cottage-cheese. There is no strong or bad smell either. It was stored on an interior side wall. I will stir well and strain just because you said to. Is there any way to tell if it has ever frozen?

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