Teenage boy shaving?

aaaaaaaaFebruary 27, 2009

Hi All,

I am a mother of 14yrs boy. He is insisting that he would like to shave his very light mustache. Though it is visible it is not that thick to shave. I think that he is too young to shave and also he does not realize that it is not one day affair.

My question is Âam I right? Is he not too young to shave already? Also if he starts shaving should I have to take any precautions apart from cutting the skin? Please advice.



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I don't think it will hurt him to shave. At that age, it will take a long time for it to grow back enough to shave again. Just because he shaves it doesn't mean it's going to grow back overnight. My boys had enough facial hair to start shaving around 15 or so, but at that point they were only shaving about once every several weeks.

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Let him. Find him some nice shaving gel or foam and a good safety razor and let him practice. Fluff can look quite silly on a boy, and why would you ever discourage good grooming? There will be days you wish he wanted to shave and would do so.

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Thanks lowspark and sheilajoyce. Your posts really helped me a lot. I will buy him good shaving set this week end.
Thanks again.

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And it is a myth that hair grows back faster and thicker etc.. I really dislike facial hair on men, looks nasty on "most" men. I wouldn't recognize my own son across the street with all the hair he has on his face. In my opinion they loose their individuality, they all look alike..

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How about an electric razer? They don't work great for people who get a 5:00 shadow, but it sounds like it would work well for him.

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Many girls start shaving their legs in 5th grade.

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The issue too isn't "is he ready to shave" It's "is Mom ready to admit her baby is really that grown up that he's ready to shave". How do our babies grow up that fast and get older when we don't. I hate that, don't you. Yes Mom, he did, sad isn't it. Get that picture for your scrap book, your baby is growing up.

None of the above was meant to be mean, or ill spirited, trust me, I've been there..my babies are grown up, one has a baby of her own. The other should really shave his back!!


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My husband, very Italian, was shaving in the sixth grade. So, I wasn't surprised when my son started about that age too. I would rather see a bit of thicke stubble than that fine hair that makes them look dirty all the time, if you know what I mean, LOL! Plus, I love it when he smells nice from the shaving cream. He hates, though, because I smooch on him. ;>D

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Mine got an electric razor for his 12th birthday!
(And he needed it)

If he's interested, use that to get the job done!
I'm totally with Houseful about that fuzz just making them look dirty.

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Awww....I'm pregnant with my first boy :) Look what I have to look forward to!!!!

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i have a cousin who didn't take his shirt off unless he had to. Looked like an ape, but he joked about it.

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Shhhh....DD#1 is a hairdresser..she was over yesterday cutting her brothers hair (he's 24)...she uses the hair clippers on his back too....he said it's way better than when he tried to wax his back...WWWWAAAAYYYY less painful!!! But don't tell anyone I told you he does get his back shaved...


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