DNA Testing Question

Carlotta_BullFebruary 22, 2002

Can two individuals who have the same mother be tested to see if they have the same father?


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Yes, but I think you have to have a DNA sample from the father too.

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Yes. They would compare the DNA with the father's DNA and then you would know. But the father has to be willing to do it~you couldn't do it without his DNA to go by or at least leagally they wouldn't do it without his consent. It wouldn't matter if they had the same mother or not. They can tell if a man is the father even if two children have different mothers.

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I think she's wondering if - babies from the same mother can be tested and compared, to see if they have the same father, not who the father is. I think??

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TREKaren is correct in what I'm asking about. The question is do the children have the same father? Not who IS the father?

What if the father is not available to give a blood sample (deceased & creamated)? All of his siblings are deceased as well. Is a first cousin on the paternal side close enough?


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Your problem with the first cousin is that you really have no way of knowing if the cousin is a legitimate offspring. You think he/she is from the paternal line. If he/she is not, then there would be no match for either child.

Normally, I think that there would be genetic markers present that could be compared. If they were missing from one child and present in the other, you still would not know for sure if this was just because of the randomness of genetic influence or because the children had difference fathers.

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I guess probably since the father is not alive, they're may be differnt rules that apply. I just know that to find out who a father is you can't go out and do it on your own without his consent (think I watched too many talkshows or Dateline or something! LOL). It's kind of hard to get DNA from the father then unless they dig him up, but they usually don't rush to do that. Maybe something would even be on record somewhere with his DNA? You never know?


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nadastimer has a good idea. There may be blood samples in a hospital or doctors office. If he has not been dead long, there may be hair on a hair brush or something similar to thataround the home.

I think the problem would be to find the DNA markers from the father's sample, then look for the same markers on both the children. I may be wrong, but if the markers are missing, it proves only that he might not be the father, it doesn't PROVE that he could NOT possibily be the father. I think that you would have to find markers that could have been only received from another man to prove without a doubt that the child was not his.

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