Funny stories - Where is everyone?

trekarenFebruary 20, 2002

Ok, Parents! Where have you guys been all week?

I'll try to start things with a thread of Parenting 'moments' that we all at some point will get initiated into.

Last weekend, DH took DD out for their first father-daughter-only outing to a movie since she's been potty-trained. Well of course, she had to go potty.

He took her to the men's room. He looked thru all the stalls, and couldn't believe the state it was in!

DH came home and told me, quote, "I can't believe how men can pee all over the place like that. You would think they would at least pick the seat up!!!"

Any other father-daughter (or mother-son) potty stories? Or any other stories that: if we haven't gone thru it yet, we eventually will all have to go thru!

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We're still trying to get DS to potty train. He's 2 1/2. Some days he's so into it and the next, forget it. Last week his father was working hard at getting him to pee in the potty. He had used it about 5 times that day for me and Jer wanted to see him do it some more. Shane did not want to go but Jer pleaded and told him that he forgot how to use the potty so could he please show Daddy. So Shane says his, "Alright" in the tone that my Mom says it sounds like, "If I have to." So a little while later I hear Jer say, "Great Job, buddy!" and Shane's yelling, "yeah!" and probably jumping up and down. Then a minute later I hear Shane as he comes running through the house yelling, "Yeah! Daddy did it! He peed!" LOL


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So glad to see some familiar faces here! Spike just received my money so now I can post.

I'll never forget once at the mall in the women's restroom...there was a little boy with his mother in the next stall and he kept trying to look underneath the stall at me. I had to do my thing and get out quickly!

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I once had to tell DD a story in a public restroom to pass the time whilst she pooped..all the women were kindly snickering at "Goldilocks & The Three Bears"...Geez....

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my aunt still tells this story even tho her grandson is 30 now: auntie had taken GS shopping and of course being 3,he had to potty.well,he had on his new red cowboy boots and when she picked him up to aim,she said"now pick your feet up so you don't get your boots wet!" well......guess who DID get wet!

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These are so funny. When my daughter was three, after spending some time on the toilet, she got up, looked inside and proudly said, "Look Mom! I made a snowman!" Then she got a serious look on her face, climbed back up on the toilet and said, "Now I'm going to make a duck."

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I'm so glad I didn't have a mouthfull of diet Coke. When I got to the last line of your post I literally laughed out loud!

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While grocery shopping, DD was eyeing the cashier who happened to be wearing a hajib (head covering). She said "Mommy, she has a towel on her head". DH tried to crawl under the cart. I calmly replied that she was covering her hair to be modest, and it is called a hajib. Why? That is her religion. What is that? So of course we had a nice discussion of religion and god etc. right there in the grocery store. I tried to answer all her questions in accordance to her age (she is two LOL) and she seemed satisfied. The conversation turned back to regular stuff.

After I paid and we were leaving, she leaned waaaay over, and said to the cashier "Bye bye! You have a pretty towel!". Apparently, she didn't get it ROFL.

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OK, I've got one. Last year, when DD was in 5th grade, we were in the grocery store. My daughter asked me "Mom, what is a lesbian?" There were two older grandmotherly types within earshot & my view. They tittered & both very deliberately reached to get a can & started reading the nutritional information (ears perked up) so they could see how I answered the question. I started with "where did you hear that word?" and ended with "we'll talk about that when we get home." I was extremely embarassed & I didn't even know these women!

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