My daughter has a very severe, hard to cure disease

dm239February 7, 2006


Ksusha is a six-year girl from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has a very severe, hard to cure disease - aplastic anemia. Since December 13th, 2005 the girl has been confined to the blood cancer chemotherapy department of the Children's City Hospital ¹ 1 (Saint Petersburg). She is in the isolation ward together with her mother. Ksusha cannot leave the ward as the slightest infection will lead to sepsis and death. Her bone marrow does not function and she can only survive on transfusions of blood components.

Aplastic anemia can not be treated in Russia. Money is necessary to get treatment in Germany or in USA, to search for the donor of the bone marrow and to purchase drugs and blood components.

The fool information is on the site

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"Fool information"? Freudian slip.....

Alot of these websites looking for people to send money to a foreign country are shams. If this is for real, i'm sorry about your predicament, however this is not the place for advertising or soliciting money.

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