Heard a good thing about birthday parties

popi_gwFebruary 16, 2007

I heard of a 7 year old child having a birthday party, and on the invitation was written..."in leiu (sp?) of a gift please give a donation to the Guide Dogs". (Guide Dogs is a charity where they train seeing eye dogs for sight impaired people.)

Hopefully, this will start a trend, to stop the rampant consumerism, especially in children's toys!

What do others think ?

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I think it's a great idea...although I dont see many kids standing for it,LOL. I can see the long faces now,"what do you MEAN I dont get a gift?"
It would certainly help to teach kids not to be so spoiled and self consumed though.

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We've done a book birthday party where DD only got books, which was a great year. (she's a Christmas 12/23 baby so we get buried in toys). I remember one year she got no less than 26 barbies. :-) not counting Barbie's pets, and accessories.

Another one we do here that I'd like to do with DD one year is stuffed animals. Then they get donated to local police and fire stations to be used in domestic cases where they call on familes and the children are traumatized.

By the way, my now-9-yearold DD has decided to give up buying stuffed animals for Lent this year LOL (she's addicted to them).

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I think it's a great idea. I asked for 'no gifts' one year. (Yes, it probably goes against what Miss Manners teaches.) The other parents refused to cooperate. These same parents planned weeks ahead of time to clean out their kids toy shelves to make way for the new stuff. They even complained because their children don't play with all the toys. I think too many toys and too fancy parties aren't healthy for kids.

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