Oprah's show on 2/12

mac72February 14, 2002

How many of you watched Oprah's show on Tuesday? Not trying to start trouble or be flamed....but honestly how many of you could relate? Not to the name calling of your children, or physically hurting them....but to the everyday stresses that we deal with and how sometimes our kids take the 'brunt' of it. I know I for one have some areas that I need to work on, such as 'yelling' and sometimes belittling my kids when they do something wrong. I think Dr. Phils advise was great and I plan on using it to deal with some of my own issues. I tend to let things go and go and go until I finally blow up. I hate yelling at my kids to clean their room or yelling at them for something they have done. I made a promise to myself as soon as the show was over, that I am NOT going to yell at them anymore. If it takes going outside and kicking a tree (dr. phil's words) that is what I am going to do..

Did this show have an impact on anyone else?



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No I didn't see it but would love to hear what the advice was! I feel I yell and nag a bit too much myself. What did they say?

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I highly recommend the book How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen and Listen so Your Kids will Talk. Others have recommended this book before but it really is full of wonderful strategies and I for one need a "refresher" read!

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