7 yo and bm accidents

miscindyJanuary 16, 2009

My 7yo son has been avoiding going to the bathroom for his bm's. He partially goes in his pants, then holds it in and continues whatever he's doing. Eventually his father or I get close to him and can smell it and tell him to go to the bathroom. He does go when he's in there. This is so frustrating! It's been happening quite a few times a week since Christmas. When he does I make him to to the bathroom, take a shower and change his clothes. I tell him to go as soon as he thinks he needs to and that dirty pants is stinky and gross.

Today he came home from several hours at a friend's house and Chuck e Cheese with stinky dirty underwear again! When I ask him why this keeps happening, he says he doesn't know. We took away video games for tomorrow as a punishment. . (We told him previously he'd start getting consequences.)

He's gone years without a problem until recently. How do I motivate this kid to get in the bathroom???

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I have a friend whose 6 year old had the same problem recently. She finally brought him to the dr. and they did some type of ultrasound or something and found that he had lots of bm built up in his body and it was coming out without his control! He must have not been having regular bm's for a few days or more and it just built up. Then he was unable to control it coming out.

You may want to bring him to the pediatrician to rule something like that out.

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Good point. I looked this up online and it could very well be his problem. I made a dr appointment for Tuesday. Thanks for the help!

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Please try not to punish or ridicule, I'm almost sure he isn't doing this to "get attention". We had a family member who didn't have that feeling of going until it was too late. Good going about the Dr. appt. :)

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My nephew went through this. I ended up he had some type of parasite. I don't know the the parasite was the cause or if it was just coincidence. My SIL got to the point where she only bought him black underwear.

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Good luck at the dr. Let us know what happens!

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Dr. said he's been holding it in, leading to an enlarged lower bowel. Liquid waste leaks around the hard waste. This causes diminshed sense of feeling the need to go. He's been put on a regimine of mineral oil, fiber, and "sitting" for 20 minutes twice a day. It may takes 3-4 months of this regimine before the bowel returns to normal size and function. We will have regular (pardon the pun) follow-ups to asses the progress. Dr. said it could also be an early sign of a bowel disease or wheat allergy, but this is where we're starting.

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I hope that the problem is the lesser of what you stated. Poor little guy!

I don't mean to make light of your situation but when I read your original post and saw "...bm accidents" I thought that it would be about a 7 year old and his "birth mother " and accidents that they had! ......Sorry!

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I am so glad you brought him to the dr and got it checked out! At least now you know it is not his fault and there is something you can do to help it.

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My daughter had a wheat allergy. She would get so constipated that she couldn't even pass a BM. It makes sense to me. But beware-almost everything has wheat in it. I had to buy rice and oat flour and mix them in order to have a constancy that was editable. Rice is grainly and oats are sticky but the two mixed was ok with her. Also praise those Rice Cakes! Good luck-I am so glad you found out what the problems is!

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