How to chose children bedding

harmon_2008January 1, 2009

Hi I have two sons of about 4 and 5 years and i want to choose a proper bedding for them. I think a proper bedding can make them sleep healthy. Which effects their all day schedule. I am also anxious about safety precautions. I will be great full if you could give me any suggestion on where to find good Children bedding online.

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Bergstroms I believe has organic bedding if that is the direction that you are heading in.
Also look into the mattress you purchase. That might have more of an effect on a good nights rest than the linen.
When my son was 10 he complained for weeks about his mattress, blaming his grumpiness and sleepiness on how uncomfortable it was. As the mattress was new I wanted to 'prove him wrong' and slept on it one night. What had seemed like a properly firm mattress in the store for a young child was actually the most God-awfuls night sleep I had ever had!

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I had a similar mattress problem before as well. We had bought our boys bunk beds and my older son was complaining that he ached when he woke up. I thought well the bed is new...can't be the bed! Well somehow there was a lump in the board that the mattress sat on. We ended up taking the board out and putting a boxspring on his bed since he had the bottom bunk. No more aches.

Also since both our boys have asthma and allergies we put air purifiers in their rooms. Just stand up ones from Home Depot that were not too expensive and have filters that you can clean instead of replace. I also have one in my room. My allergies have improved greatly and so have theirs since doing so. I have found those things impacted them more than their bedding.

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i never gave a thought to my sons bedding except to keep it clean. i made sure they had good mattresses when we could afford it.

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