One or Two Coats?

wallace58March 16, 2009

I have two quotes for house wood exterior, located in the midwest. One is to apply 2 coats of Kelly-Moore Acryshield, the other is to apply 1 coat of Sherwin-Williams Resilience. No primer quoted by either. Current paint is in pretty good condition despite being 10 yrs old. Both would pressure wash first.

I questioned using only 1 coat and painter said it has a "lifetime" warranty. S-W website says to apply 2 coats for the lifetime warranty, which of course, is worthless. Comments please.


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If you're not using primer, Two coats of either product is required for best performance. Even with primer, two coats on exterior is always the best method.


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I would suggest the following:

1) Know what type of prep and paint is required for the surface of your home
2) Obtain at least 3 quotes for the prep (there is more to prep than cleaning) and painting from licensed contractors
3) Hire only a licensed contractor
4) Check the contractorÂs license
5) Check to make sure the employees are full time trained employees of the contractor and not day workers picked up on some corner
6) Obtain 3 to 5 recent client references and check all client references before hiring a contractor

Absolutely 2 coats of paintÂno paint manufacture will back a warranty with one coat.

When paint is pressure washed it is damagedÂthe pressure of the water weakens the bond, there is no getting around it. So it doesn't matter how good your existing paint. No matter how much they tell you it won't damage the paint, it simply not true...the force is between 2,200 to 3,500 psi.

What other prep work are they going to do? Are they handscrapping areas that need it? Filling holes? Sanding? On an exterior, scraping and sanding is usually a must for good adhesion. I can't imagine they are just going to wash and slap on some paint.

Prep is not just "cleaning". You need to find out what is necessary prep for the surface of your house and then you need to get quotes that do the necessary cleaning, prep, and painting. Anyone can slap paint on to the side of your houseÂdoing it right is another matter. If itÂs not done right, you will be paying to have another paint job in about 5 or 6 yrs.

The more reputable painting contractors do not power wash because of the damage it does to existing paint and the risk there is to the structure. Power washing will etch wood and brick; it will blast mortar out of the joints, and it will easily damage stucco. Power washing is also not a substitute for handscrapingÂyet some painters try to use it for this purpose.

When we had the exterior of our last home cleaned and the wood trim repainted we had it hand washed with a bleach solution and brushes; then we let it dry for a couple of days. Then the wood was handscraped where needed, holes/dents filled, surfaces sanded; then 2 coats of oil based BM paint applied. We didnÂt have the stucco painted as it was still in good condition.

It took a bit longer and was a bit more expensive but no damage to the wood trim and stucco house.

You need to find out if the contractor employs full time TRAINED employeesÂor if he is picking up untrained day workers on some corner. Makes a huge difference in the quality of the work. If you are paying top dollar, you should be getting trained professionals on the job. If you are paying beer money..well, you will get what you pay for.

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Not all states require painters to be licensed.

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True, but if the state has licensing, a reputable contractor will get one. There are a lot of really good contractors out there, but there are also a lot hacks who throw out a sign and called themselves pros. They go to the corner day labor lots and pick up day labors when they bid a job. So they don't have real painters on the job; they don't have insurance; they don't really have a legitimate business to speak of. Essentially the homeowner is paying a third party to pick up strangers off the street to paint the homeowner's house. No thanks.

I want to know that the man (or woman) working on my home has some training and experience and some kind of professional integrity. And actually works for the company I hire to paint my home. I have no problem paying for that professional integrity either.

A really good professional gets rehired and referrals. My last painter got rehired for another job by me; was referred to my neighbor and got the contract to paint her house; and when I sold my house I gave the new owner who just relocated to the state 2 telephone numbers: my painting contractor and my appliance repairman. Sure they could get painting done for cheaper, but I know they won't get the same quality of work and materials for the cheaper price.

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I didn't even read your post, i just read the subject line and i can tell you that the answer is 2 coats. lol

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Thanks for your replies. I have narrowed the quotes down to two.

1. Press wash, 2 coats of Kelly-Moore Acrylic with caulking only around windows and doors.

2. No press wash, 1 coat of Sherwin-Williams Duration, extensive caulking. There are many areas that this painter said were never caulked. Some gaps in the wood joints are noticeable. I know the replies have said use min. of 2 coats. The SW website says one coat of Duration. I questioned if press wash was needed, painter said no, but he would do it at extra cost.

Quote #2 is $600 higher than #1. I tend to agree that more caulking is needed, but question press wash and # coats. More comments?


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I live in new orleans - I have an old house - contractor want to `. wash, scrape, fix loose board & paint house - I need to know what type of paint should I use, and should the porch be included in the job/ The cost which he want to charge me 9K for two different paint, but I want three. 1.beige for house - 2.white for window - 3. green for shutter. please help does it cost more for an additional color

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