Disposal of Latex Paint

jenesMarch 9, 2011

I've got some half used cans of latex paint that I need to dispose of. I checked our area's household hazardous waste website, and it says to just open the can and let it dry out and throw it out with the trash. That's fine for cans that are nearly empty, but I've got a couple that are half full (should have bought the quarts!)

Should I dump them down the drain? Paint obviously goes down the drain when I'm cleaning my brushes, but there's something about dumping that quantity of paint down the drain that seems wrong. If I just open the lid and wait for it to dry, how long would it take? Maybe if I stir it every few days?

I checked Habitat for Humanity, and they only take unopened cans of paint.

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don't dump it. cheap clay cat litter works fine for drying it up.

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Surely there are other places to donate paint (I didn't realize HfH was so particular). Have you called the local schools' drama departments? Or churches? If all else fails, yes, I've heard the cat litter trick works.

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when i moved into my new place (not so long ago) there were more than 30 cans of old paint. and most of it was useless, it dries up fairly quick. my point being, that who in their right mind would accept donations of used paint? i'd say 90%+ of it sitting in peoples' basements is useless garbage.

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