hairy fish nuts

lindacOctober 4, 2012

anyone remember that? It's what we called a snack mix made with oyster crackers and butter....garlic....and??

Anyone know what I mean? or how to make them?

Linda C

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Never mind....I found the recipe....used Ranch dressing mix....that is full of I guess I'll wing it with garlic powder, salt, onion powder and dried dill weed.
Un;less someone has another idea.

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How about something similar to that Chex mix?


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Lindac, I'm positive that I had something very
similar to this, and it was already packaged.
The oyster crackers were very small, though.
BUT, if I wrote what your title made me think
of...well, let's just say I would be banned from
life on this earth. Amen.

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How about oil, dry Ranch Dressing Mix and dill weed. The recipe used to be on the back of oyster crackers, but I bet if you check Hidden Vally Ranch Dressing web site you'll find the exact recipe. My son used to make this snack mix for his friends when he was a kid, but we never used the entire envelop of dressing mix, just used a teaspoon or two.


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Should have added... Penzeys has a Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Mix - MSG-free. -Grainlady

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hairy fish nuts?! What?!

We just call it nuts and bolts here.

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LOL! Nuts and bolts here is a mix of nuts and dried fruit and M and M's.
And then ther's the stuff called by some as Goose Poop....and by others as coyote poop....and there's also something called puppy chow....which is sort of chocolate and some square cereal....and then something my kids used to call quaaludes...because they were addictive and you could get very mellow just munching on them....they were made with cocoa crispies and something else....

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I had to pull out my 80's recipe file for this one! LOL We never had such an (ahem) interesting name for them, just called them

Snack Crackers
3/4 c oil
1/8 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp dill weed
1 envelope dry Ranch Dressing Mix
20 oz oyster crackers

Mix first four ingredients well and pour over oyster crackers. Mix and cover tightly unti ready to serve.


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Dried buttermilk powder can be used to replicate the buttermilk base of the dressing. It works great on popcorn, too.

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From the dim dark recesses of my childhood memories I recall my mother making a party mix she called "nuts and bolts" which involved, among other things, chex mix and pretzel sticks.

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Never heard them called that. But I have an aversion to silly names being given to things trying to be "cutsie". A friend used to make these every Christmas. I used a recipe that used a substitute for the ranch powder and I always added Italian Seasoning, dill and Lemon Pepper. Usually put some parmesan or romano on them too.

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Hairy fish balls?! That's mee maw mix!

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I just mad a batch of what we call "Nuts and Bolts" in this neck of the woods.

Cheerios, Life cereal, Wheat Chex, peanuts, pretzels Cheese Nips baked in the vine with butter, Worcestershire, garlic, powder, onion powder and celery salt

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The only one of the mixes mentioned I've heard of is puppy chow, which I had totally forgotten about, but I remember liking it a lot.

A friend makes a snack mix she gives away at Christmas that she calls "White Trash." I don't remember what's in it, but I think white chocolate is involved, and cereal, and maybe pretzels, but I don't remember. It usually doesn't last long enough to notice what's in it!


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