Which SW white for trim and ceiling with Quietude walls

tinker1121March 30, 2011

Have decided on Quietude rather than a taupe color for the walls of our small bedroom.

From the whites brochure from SW, which white would be best for the trim and doors and in which finish?

Btw SW is having a 40% off sale 4/8 to 4/10.

Also, should I be getting the Dura or Super grade paint and in what finish for the walls, trim and ceiling? (old home with "bumpy" plaster walls and ceiling.)

Thanks much!

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I know that the SW Alabaster is a very good universal white that works well for trim. I have Charleston White (DCR 100) on the trim and doors in my house, and love it. However, it's from the Colors of Historic Charleston collection, and your store may not have a color brochure (I ordered mine online). I use the SW Pro Classic in semi-gloss. It goes on very easily and isn't that shiny at all.

On my ceilings I've used the Classic 99 flat in Pure White. The SW ceiling whites are all too blue, but this white is really lovely. I think it would also be a good white for trim.

I've used the Duration Matte for all of my walls so far, even in the kitchen. I love this paint! Looks flat when viewed straight on, but has a slight sheen at an angle. Wipes clean easily with no burnishing, and touch-ups have been invisible.

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Thank you so much for the detailed advice.
I will go with the Pure White on the ceiling and trim and in the finishes you suggest.
Also thanks for the info on the Duration Matte and will use that in the Quietude.
Thanks again! I would be totally lost without people like you who take the time to help.

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I second the Alabaster suggestion. I have a bedroom in Quietude and the trim color used throughout my house is the ProClassic tinted in Benjamin Moore White Dove, which is almost an exact match to Alabaster. I used the Cashmere flat. So velvety and rich!

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My builder used the Proclassic in satin and it's not shiny at all. Creamy is another nice SW ceiling/trim color. Love Quietude!

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