stain over chalk paint?

crazyoneFebruary 16, 2013

has any stained over chalk paint for a antique look? I wanted to rub the stain i used on the top over the white chalk paint legs. I waxed the chalk paint but am scared to try it as I have read horror stories of stain sticking in the paint.

I have an antique vanity I want to do but am leaning towards priming the bottom and latex painting it white then rubbing stain on..

suggestions most welcome

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You're talking about staining over a wax not the chalk paint. I would opt to use a dark wax, like a brown or amber colored one. You might be able to tint a clear wax to your stain color. I'd google on that.

Use a test board before trying anything on your furniture piece.

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yes I thought the wax might give it some movement leaving only in the creases but it just made it look muddy all over and left lines too on test patch

I did not want to buy yet another product, (colored wax) as I am not satisfied with the chalk paint to start with but maybe it is the only answer at this point.

As for the vanity I am at a loss as to even try the chalk paint as I do not want it stark white with uneven coverage :-(

I sure am not loving van gough chalk paint other than it can paint with no primer.. it still needs sanding in all my projects

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Here are some ideas on tinting some of the clear wax. I wouldn't want to buy another product either and would experiment first. If you are using one of the specialty waxes made by the chalk paint companies, there are other lower cost alternatives recommended on GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tinting wax

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Try brown shoe polish on your test piece.

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Valspar glaze from Lowe's~I think the color is mocha. It will cost a bit but not as much as the AS wax.

You do NOT want to use an oil base stain. it could possibly remove the wax as well as the paint. If you do decide to use stain, go to a craft store and buy a small bottle of the stain you find with the craft paints and is water base. I think the color is walnut.

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thank you all, will try polish or acrylic paint I see the oil stain is probably why it was muddy colored :-)

thanks for sharing, it seems there are many tricks for chalk paint mostly trial and error, help from others saves a few errors

I am so not loving the chalk/wax can I just poly acrylic it?

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I painted some bedside tables with white chalk paint, and then waxed with clear and then with dark wax. The dark wax just made it look dirty. I clear waxed over it and got as much of the dark off as I could.

Please post what you end up doing as I'd like to try chalk paint one more time, but not with better results.

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Im so sorry you are having troubles with your paint. First it could be the paint you used. Chalk Paintî is a registered trademarked name belonging to Annie Sloan. If you arent using hers it really isnt Chalk Paintî. Google Annie Sloan and you will see she developed it 23 years ago...Big difference in paint quality from others that have sprung up the last two years. As far as glazing over the wax. Wax will repel any type of glaze..water based or oil based. The Annie Sloan Soft Wax can be tinted with her paint to create a colored wax that can be used over the clear wax for a patined effect. This is very easy to do. Unfortunately, you have used products that werent designed to do this. When using wax over Annie Sloan Chalk Paintî especially over lighter colors, try mixing the clear and dark, and aleays use clear first, apply, and immediately wipe back excess. you can then use the dark or a mix of dark and light over the top of this, but just concentrate on edges or texture and pull it out with a rag to distribute it over the rest of the piece. For more info or to find a Stockist near you go to Find a shop that carries it and go in to see all the beautiful furniture pieces and take a fun workshop....then you will know how to transform anything!

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hi vicki, I am using CND chalk paint apparently around for years. I have researched lots and have to say Annie sloan just has the marketing covered as chalk paint has been around FOREVER.

the trick seems to be in the what works with it and that seems to be a huge learning curve. Many post state frustration with chalk paint in general as to brush marks, bleeding thru etc and it only is the people who have done many projects having success.

I did the vanity and have bleed thru showing after both first and 2nd coats so indeed primer is needed with all white pant on any wood other than blonde.

you sound like you sell the product and I appreciate your opinions but adding more cost to the already started projects is not what I was hoping to find nor do I want to take a course.. I just want to finish these 2 and perhaps never use chalk paint again.

Here is a link that might be useful: chalk paint

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I've been wondering the same thing. Hasn't "chalk paint" been around for eons? Maybe AS was just the first to market a canned product but I don't think it's her invention.

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Hi Crazyone,
I'm so sorry to hear you are not absolutely thrilled with your results. I have posted a step by step HOW TO on our website. It doesn't help you now, I know, but I hope you'll give our product another try. It's really fun and easy. I would be happy to try and help you solve this problem without spending any more money. PLease call me or email me at the contact info on our website.
As for chalk paint - you're so right! This is an ancient form of paint going back to as long as man has been leaving his/her mark on cave walls.
Basically, you can't put anything over a wax finish, not if you want any integrity to your finish. I can help you with this and then we can post the solution on this forum, but I want to walk through it with you and ask some questions and see some pictures. The last thing I want is for you to feel frustrated and defeated - I want you to feel empowered! Please give me the opportunity to turn this around for you. And...thank you so much for supporting Canadian products!

Here is a link that might be useful: van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection

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Hi Kathy
I did post your website here and on another post, as you know I was a great promoter of your Canadian product to be similar to AS.
Also you know I have had a huge learning curve on chalk paint and have had issues like so many others. It is a great product for the textured, distressed market it seems but as an "easier less step" claim to fame I have to disagree.
It seems bleed thru on wood not only mahogany has happened to others, here is a photo of mine, I would love your assistance to resolve this and finish the piece ASAP

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Hi Crazy one. Thank you for posting this photo. I can see exactly what's going on. you have laid the paint out as you would normally do with latex paint. As an experienced painter, you know that two thin coats are better than one. BUT...that is not true with chalk paint. Chalk paint is thicker that latex paint and should be applied in a thicker film. I have developed brushes specifically to go with our paint. The brush and the technique to apply the paint are a little different. Anyway, if you use our brush, or one similar, you dip the bristles into the paint about 3/4 of the way up the bristles. Do not wipe one side off on the edge of the can, instead allow the paint to drip off a bit, then turn the brush horizontally and bring it over to your piece. Now lay out the paint without much fuss. Don't work it back and forth, just get it on there. Then stroke it out with a bit of pressure on the bristles to smooth out the paint, just once, now move on to the next area. Lay the next paint on to a dry area and stroke it back into the wet area. I always say "no fiddle farting around" You don't have time to work the paint, it starts to dry immediately. To fix this piece you're working on, you just need to add another coat in the manner described. If you don't use one of our Studio van Gogh 2 inch oval paint brushes, use a high quality natural bristle brush. I think your only problem is that you are a good painter. You are using great technique, but for latex paint. It's just a bit of a paradigm shift. Also, I too dislike that slip slap method that Annie Sloan touts. I think that looks way too rustic for my taste. I prefer a smooth, more refined look which you will get if you use my method. Happy painting and thank you again for trying our product. Don't give up yet! It really is awesome and fun and fast. Kathy

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I had emailed this photo and a few others as you requested but your reply to the email was to take a course :-( That advice does not help people who live a couple hours from the nearest dealer nor have a project that takes a few days sadly.

Thank you for explaining here details. It will help others trying to figure out the chalk paint. You also know I have your hand made natural brushes and to confirm I do not touch edge of the can ever. I will try to apply thicker on projects with the last of my 2 cans.

I have opened your wax and tried it to along with your little natural wax brush and found it went on nice but your web page nor can says dry time before buffing info. I did find out that it takes about 24 hours. It was also suggested to me to try a shoe shine brush to buff.

hopefully these tips and information can help others trying chalk paint :-0)

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Hi Crazy one. I gave you the very best advice I could after looking at the photo you sent. I didn't just tell you to take a course. I hope you have lots of fun and success with your painting projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: van Gogh CHalk Paint Collection

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your 2 replies Kathy to my questions, to both you said take a course.

I found that rather disappointing after the money I spent on all the van gogh products, questions I asked and pictures I sent when requested. I will continue to research via internet for answers :-)

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You will find that anywhere. If you want to use the products in your own way, they cannot advise. That's why she's suggesting to take a course. Apparently you are straying from the methods they have developed for their products to work correctly. No company will predict or commit answers to things they haven't tested or recommended.

Maybe there's help over here. I've got a lot of questions too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faux Forum - Chalk Paint

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agreed companies want their products used together but these were questions on bleed thru, brush strokes and marks showing thru the paint

chalk paint companies claim it covers anything without primer or sanding.. does not seem true for all :-)

and for alternative ideas such as aging looks, I agree you have to look to forums like this to get tried and true tests used by other creators. I will go check it out, thanks snooks!

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Looks like this forum doesn't have a lot of activity yet but at least there are others with experience who have probably run into the same thing.

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thanks to all for the help, I was also told about Reloved (a CND chalk paint) and Cece Caldwell chalk paint and that they are great products in the chalk paint world as well, thanks fabulous rubbish. She also had great paint tips that are working out

Here is a link that might be useful: Cece Caldwell chalk paint

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here is link to reloved in Edmonton AB

Here is a link that might be useful: Reloved chalk paint

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I've been trying some of the chalk paint, mixing my own with Aura and plaster of paris (3:1). I find that my coats come out quite thin, probably because I am treading very cautiously. The second coat went on yesterday. I decided that hopefully they are the thickness of one coat! I do want to rub the layers down a bit and not hit the primer I'd started with before chalk paint came into play. So I'll do yet another of this color, trying to go thicker on the subsequent layers.

First coat, I could see the white primer underneath (what you call bleedthrough?). Even with the second coat I could sort of see some white showing in some areas that are more difficult to get good coverage on because they are narrow.

I like seeing a little bit of brush stroke. So far, there is none, lol. Didn't want it to look sloppy and unsure of what this paint would do, so I'm probably being too careful! I am liking the look of the paint itself. There was even a little bit of random grit in the last batch but I continued anyway. It will lightly sand off just fine. Think the PoP needed more water. It sets very quickly. Or else some sludge settles if you don't use it all at one time. Not sure yet. The first batch was smooth and creamy but my PoP mix was looser. I had added a little more PoP to the leftover for this second coat, to reduce the sheen more (started with Satin).

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I made home made paint to with POP and it worked lovely, I of course liked the thinner smooth coats, for sure it is an easy way to use all your own colors on hand. I also found another fabulous chalk paint site with VERY good tips and help for many of my questions, so nice to find such helpful and sharing sites

Here is a link that might be useful: chalk divas!

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