which voc paint please

ilmbgMarch 27, 2012

I need to repaint a cement floor.

I had painted it with an oil based paint that had a very, very strong smell, which I can't use now because my asthma is so bad. It is for my bedroom floor.

Which brand do you suggest?

Thank you

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

You have a cement floor in your'e bedroom?

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This is an older condo that had carpet. I took out the carpet when I bought it, painted the floor with garage paint which was wonderful- clean, no carpet that is not good for an asthmatic. Now I wan to change the color butcan't use the same paint due to the strong paint smell.
people are 'going concrete'. It is more 'modern' looking, clean, easy to maintain.

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Latex or acrylic on concrete. They don't wear quite as well but the odor will be much less and adhesion over the long term much better.

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OK- laytex did not work very well. I put that on on and it just wasn't nearly as good as the oil based 'garage' floor paint I used the first time- and can't this time due to the fumes.
My question is about low voc, not whether it is laytex, etc.
Does anyone have experience with brands they think are better as far as low voc?

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I got a low VOC paint from SW. Not sure how suitable it would be for a floor, but it's very durable and is a commerical grade paint. I wanted their one part epoxy paint but it did not come in a dark base, so they recomended this and it was one of the easiest paints I've ever used - and no smell at all. It's in my main entry which is narrow and the walls get a lot of abuse. It takes a while to harden. I've got it on the trim, wainscoting, bifold closet doors, main entry door and the door to the laundry room. All of which are always getting bumped, nudged, pushed shut with a foot, pushed open with a laundry basket . . . It is not resistant to the cats using the door trim as a scratching post though.

I think it retails for $90 a gallon, but I'd purchase it again for a high traffic area.

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Ok- thanks! This sounds like something that would work- I'll go look next week.

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Putting oil paint on concrete is inviting trouble, unless you're willing to tolerate the compounds they have to put in the paint to make it compatible with concrete, which apparently you are not.
Acrylic latex is very compatible with concrete but may need an extra coat or 2. You don't say why it didn't work. You can't expect it to be like oil.

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Your title says voc paint. Are you after a low/no voc paint? As I understand it you can't paint one type of paint over the other type (oil and water-based) or at least not without special preparation. Have you thought about linoleum (proper linoleum not vinyl) or floating timber (but check for formaldehyde)?

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OP, you should really try to find out what specific chemicals you are sensitive to and work to avoid them. It is hard to avoid everything since the world is just a big pot of chemicals, natural and synthetic.

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