Pros & cons of Convection gas oven

caveman_mikeFebruary 28, 2013

While I'm doing work in the kitchen, I'm toying with the idea of replacing the 13 year old, 4 burner gas stove/oven.

I would love to get one with 5 burners where the grates cover the entire 30" wide surface.

A friend suggested I get a convection oven. It seems like there's an oven exhaust which vents to the surface of the stove.

Does that heat up the room more than a standard oven?

Any Pro's or Cons of convection?

Since starting on the Paleo diet, this caveman has been cooking 90% of my foot at home, and spending lots of time in the kitchen.

Though I presently cook much of my food in my pressure cooker, I'd like to expand my cooking skill set.



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Does that heat up the room more than a standard oven?

Heat has to go somewhere. It seems having the oven heat go over the cooktop instead of over the top and side of the oven door into your legs is preferable. Range hood can more effectively remove heat if it is over the cooktop.

Any Pro's or Cons of convection?

Pros: more even heat and faster cooking times.

Cons: cost and many times you need to adjust recipe for faster cooking.

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