mamadadapaige - Bali Hafele LED ?'s

grlwprlsFebruary 8, 2013

I hope you see this - we also purchased the Bali Hafele bar LED...and it seems like no matter what we do, it won't work. I swear I think we are missing a piece (we have the bar and plug in 12V driver). It's supposed to touch on rather than use a switch (supposedly). But ours do nothing. Well, not nothing. They have a blue LED that you are supposed to put your finger over and then it flashes twice to indicate it is "reset". After that, nothing else. The electrician has been out twice for these lights. The company we ordered them from says we bought the wrong driver, so we ordered a different one. Still no lights beyond the blue LED.

I am desperate to figure this out. I need these lights as I cannot install other types of lighting in this area because of a structural issue. These lights are doing heavy task light duty.

Thanks in advance...

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I think the Hafele tech support is available to consumers, check the web site for the phone number. They're ok. If no luck post model numbers and I'll see what I can find out. Won't be till late Monday, got a storm and a lot of work.

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Maybe you were sent the Bali without touch control?

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Thanks. I'll try tech support. My electrician (said he) did, but it didn't shed any light on the issue. If nothing comes of that, I'll gather up my item numbers. Stay safe up there.

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onedogedie, I'm basically convinced *something* they've sent me is wrong. The instructions (written by L&S) is impossible to make heads or tails of, really. I have my order list but none of my numbers seem to match anything I have or supposedly need. Sigh.

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Attached page from catalog here- did they send you the driver that comes with the touch switch #833.06.105? That is only 6 watts and will only run about 3 feet of lights.
One possibility-
If you got the 30 watt driver #833.06.101 with the switch separately then it is possible the connection for the switch in the driver is bad- I've had that happen once with a Hafele driver, was damaged during installation. I only use the Loox system but all I can think of. There aren't that many parts needed

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No. See? I knew I'm not crazy. There's no switch on my driver. I'm going to have to get them to send me another (different) driver. They told me you "touch the fixture" but that is not it. They don't even have the touch driver # as an option. I'm going to see if I can Fed Ex in the correct driver.

Thank you so much! I looked at that PDF from a different site which is what started me thinking something was really wrong.

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jakuvall - my item numbers are:

833.08.938 (bar)
833.06.101 (12V transformer)

So I need to have them send me the 105. Of course, I ordered from Rockler and they have their own part numbers rather than the Hafele numbers so I can't make heads or tails of what I need on my own. They very generously exchanged my original less expensive driver at no cost to me...but it's still the wrong part number!

But thank you again. At least if I can tell CS the proper part number, maybe they can make it happen.

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grlwprls- I can't tell for sure...
You have only one bar? 47 1/4" 6.6 watts. The driver you list is 30 watts and 12 ports, enough power for 4 plus bars of that size.
Is there a touch switch incorporated in the end of the bar you have. The pictures look like there could be, Rockler appears to indicate such, Hafele says nothing of the kind though. If no ten you need to switch it somehow.

The .105 is listed at only 6 watts which is less than you ought to have for the bar. But it sure looks like you need that part. I don't understand why it is not available as a stand alone part or at a higher wattage. I checked and no.

Appears to work differently than the Loox series that I'm familiar with. This appears that the drivers power cord plugs in one end and the switch to the other. On the Loox the switch plugs directly into the driver-there is one socket larger than the others to accommodate it. Your driver doesn't have that, correct?

I'd check that it can handle the 30 watt, or that you could get away with the 6 watt for the bar you have.

Also FWIW, I just tested a Loox without a switch. The light works with just the driver and no switch. There ought to be similarities (but it's not a perfect world is it).
I'd think your light would work.
Wheres mamadada...

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I do hope mamadadapaige sees this since I know she has this bar (although she may have them on a wall switch...)

I think I need a smaller driver with the switch. The 105, I think. It is all so confusing. This is what I get for not wanting to pay the $2500+ for the LEDs the electrician sourced.

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I sent an email to my rep. May or may not know, and is on LI which looks to be a mess. Will get back to you.
Was the first driver ever plugged into the light? Was it a Hafele? 12 volt?

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Yes. We plugged into the first driver and the blue LED (reset thingy) lit up, but the light bar itself would not come on. I really think it's that I need the smaller driver with the touch switch. If I had a traditional wall switch the replacement driver would work, but would be overkill in terms of how many bars I could conceivably power. My issue is not powering the bar, but having a mechanism to turn them on, I think. Frustrating, but I feel I'm definitely getting closer to an answer. I really appreciate your help.

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Thank you Jakuvall for tipping me off to this post. I haven't been on GW regularly lately.

I do have Bali Undercabinet lighting and I have to say I have not had a single issue with it. The driver that goes with it is the same as the top one in the pictures Jakuvall posted. It is so simple, it just plugs into a regular outlet and worked from day one.

I also have another type of Hafele undercabinet lighting. I believe it is Luminoso Manila LED lighting... it is recessed into a channel that the cabinet company routed out of a shelf I have over my sink. For this series I have three wall cabinets each with a seperate bar but they have connectors and plug into the same driver and then into a standard outlet. This series of three has a seperate touch switch which is dimmable.

Again, this has worked from day one. I am so sorry for your trouble... I can't imagine what has gone wrong.

Are you located anywhere near a Hafele showroom? We have great Hafele reps in Boston who work out of Raybern in Charlestown (there is a Hafele functional showroom here). There is also a showroom in Chicago and NYC.

To me, it sounds like you need a replacement. The lights have been fantastic - I absolutely love the touch switch aspect and the quality of the light. If you can get this up and running I think you'll be very satisfied.

for the bali i literally just give it the lightest tap with my fingertip and on it goes.

If you are anywhere near Boston you are welcome to come over and check it out.

Sorry to not be more help.

I can tell you that my electrician hadn't worked with these before but he liked them very much and thought he'd start using them on other jobs.

Hafele's website and specs are terrible. But their people (the reps) are very knowledgable so if you could place a call to one of them in a showroom I think you'd get some answers. Lighting is a big thing for them and they all seem to be very knowledgable about it.

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I'm in AR where LED still seems not widely used (and since the electrician quoted me $2500 for UCL, I can see why!). I'll "invest a dime" and see if I can figure out what is going on with a Hafele rep.

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Heard back from rep. A bit cryptic, think he's on a phone with bad autocorrect.
I suspect that she is in full din mode. Yell her to hold jet finger PK the blue dot. Don't tap it. See what happens.
I assume PK is "on"

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Nope. That just makes the blue light flash. But nothing else happens. I'm reading between the lines that the blue dot is the "touch on" mechanism? That there isn't a switch? The "touch" version of the light (the one I bought) is more expensive...but I see they also sell a standalone switch. I guess so you don't have to have a traditional switch.

I am about to order an entirely new set (if I can get one ASAP because I have one more "free visit" from the electrician as part of my kitchen next week) and then work things out with my original source, Rockler.

I think the issue is in my bar, not the driver. If the blue LED is the switch, it definitely isn't lighting the lights, despite having power.

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Don't think this helps from what you say but heard from rep again. If you don't get anywhere I can apparantly put you in touch with him.
He said
Wow. Auto-correct sure did a number on that message...If she is tapping the blue dot, she is turning the light on then off. She needs to hold her finger on the dot and let the dimmer cycle up. Please let me know what happens or refer me to her or vice versa.

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I'll try holding my finger over the blue light again :-)

Okay, I held my finger stationary for an entire run through of "Happy Birthday" and it would flash from time to time, but it never cycled up to run the lights.

The instruction sheet says "the reset for the equipment (at its normal working) has to be made with direct light absence on the LED indicator otherwise the equipment could work incorrectly. In this case, it becomes necessary to replete the complete installation procedure."

Umm, all you have to do is plug it into the driver and plug the driver into a regular I am still confused. I did unplug it and replug it. I also tried it in a different plug.

I wish my GW email worked! That said, I ordered a replacement light bar last night. If it comes down to it, I'll post my email here...because I really appreciate all the help.

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I called Hafele customer service this morning. They confirmed that I do have all the right parts but tech support says that the touch mechanism must be defective in my bar. Since I bought it through a third party, *they* have to request a replacement, but I contacted the third party and they are initiating the exchange. Whew!

Thanks again, jakuvall.

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I ordered an emergency replacement light from a different vendor.

Popped down the defective bar, popped up the replacement, plugged in the *first* driver I bought (like mamadadapaige has), plugged the light into that...and LET THERE BE LIGHT! Woo-hoo! I am so excited.

That said, this light came packed in this crazy rigid box and it *doesn't* have a blue light. In fact, the touch light is sort of a pale green. Barely touch it and it comes right on.

Thank you again for all your help. Hafele is going to replace the defective bar, so I guess I'll have a back up.


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