meeting my biological son for the first time.

Everett_ORJanuary 3, 2002

Next saterday I will meet my son for the fist time sice he was born. He is 14, his mother called me and said he is asking about me and will like to meet me.I talked to her a few times in the preveus years and told her I would like to meet him but I never herd from her. I'm looking forward to meeting micheale. But my question is. Have any of you met your bio. parent when you were a teen, and how did you feel? I dont know if he is mad, curious,feels abandend or what I,m hopping to have a life long relationship with him. I was told he is shy and quiet like I was at his age so I just would like some input on how you felt and what was mising. I don't wont to blow this. thanks for your help

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I think it's great Everett, neither of you will know what to expect at first, but personally I think you have a lot of catching up to do. You may find even though he's been away from you for so long, that you have similar interests.

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Let him get to know you slowly and comfortably. How exciting. I imagine he would like to know that you have been ready to meet him for some time and were waiting for him to indicate an interest, so he will not feel that you have rejected him. Saying all that, remember you are strangers basically, so do not rush him.

I have never been in your situation, just some insight from this mom.

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Hey This is fANTASTIC, probably a little awkward but you two will get over that. Dont let it end . Dont do like my father, He left my mother for another woman my mom died he left town. I have not seen my father in 32 years.... Theres not a day I dont ask myself WHY? he disowned 4 of 5 kids. He has 9 grandchildren he has never seen.the oldest 31.

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Not a great story but helpful maybe. I met my Dad when I was 16 for the first time. I was very excited. We had a visit then spent a day out shopping and going to my uncles for dinner. Then all of us went up to my family cottage for a week with my half brother and sister that I had never met, they lived with their Mom. Had things remained that way it would have been okay. Needless to say after (2 years later and only saw him 2 times over that period) that he treated me as if I didnt exist and became an alcoholic who was in and out of jail, treatment only lasted a week. I gave him his last chance to see me (now I am 30)and instead of showing up he left town and decided to drink again and back to jail. I hate him and he has embarrassed me terribly in my home town, even burnt down a house with people inside, luckily noone was hurt. I will never speak to him again. He ignored my birthday and then sent me a Christmas card as if nothing ever happened. I guess you have to go from the start of the story that if you do some things together to make meeting more comfortable it will be easier for both of you to talk, maybe fishing if it interests you and once you get aquainted dont dissappoint him ever by forgetting to call because that means so much and the loss and disappointment of something you have waited your life for hurts terribly. So once you get the relationship started keep it up as much as you can. Dont worry about him liking you just be natural and it will all go okay. I cant wait until the day we meet my step-daughter. I havent seen her since age 4 and her dad hasnt since she was 7.

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Hi Everett,
I have been involved with many adoption reunions which aren't quite the same but I imagine that the same principles will apply. Be honest and open with your son. If you want a long relationship with him only promise this if you and his mom can work it out to allow this. Be prepared, he will be excited with the reunion and then he will tend to back away for awhile, so he can adjust to his new identiy. This is the time when you will have to be extra kind to him and show him that you really care. This will be a normal part of the reunion process and it will take patience on your part. Your son is young and will be going through all sorts of normal teenage stuff. Is there a man in his life now? Be prepared for all sorts of emotions and don't be afraid to get some counselling if you need it. Often it is just good to be able to bounce feelings and ideas off of another person. BTW, the best reunions are those that start off slow and easy. Plan some quiet time for just the two of you, write him notes, give him some pictures of yourself when you were younger, tell him some family stories of his grandparents etc, show him where you lived when you grew up. Do this over time, or in writing as I would bet that he will be so excited that he will forget half of what you tell him at your first meeting. I wish you well with your reunion.

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Thank you for all your suport and encuagment.the meeting with Mike went good I was very nervis and he was so nervis his hands wer shaking and his voise was braking. I just kept smileing and didn't ask any serios questions we just hung out and had pizza went to a movie and a arcade the hole thing was a littel akward over all I think it went well . Running horse you were rite we have similer intrest He playes football and playes the drumes and is showing interest in fishing,my faverite sport of all.Sheiljoyce thank you for your motherly wisdom. Bugs sorry about your painful reunion I will remember that so I dont disapoin him by not staying in touch.Heather your advice helpt tremedesly his his mom has maried and her huband is fine with us meeting. I told Mike that I will like him to come visit over a weekend some time but I dident set any date I told him to talk to his mom about it. heather how long should I let him adjust to all this should I just rite him some letters for a month or two and just play it by ear and let him ask to come visit.what do you do? do you renite adults looking for there parents.just curios Thanks

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So glad to hear your meeting went well, I would make sure even if you dont hear from him that you keep in touch anyways, dont forget he is nervous too and may feel awkward calling or setting the next date even though he wants too. I hope you guys can get fishing together, we go as a family all the time. That is was what brought me and my step-son so close since when his dad and I got together (we had know each other for 10 years already) the main thing we did was fish since his Dad and I loved it so much and he was 5 and just learing. Its fun and great talking time. Good wishes for the future, I hope it all works out wonderfully for the two of you.

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Hi Everett,

I'd call him or write to him in a week or two and then call him or write to him every couple of months and definitely on occasions such as birthdays. Try and see him at least once more in the next few months. Finding out from his mom how he is doing emotionally may give you some clues as to how to proceed. Your son is still going through a lot of teenage stuff so hang in there and by the time he is an adult you should have built up a good relationship. Recognize though, that the person he considers his father, may be the person who married his mom. A birth parent usually ends up as being a good friend but not a parent in the eyes of an adoptee.

I was on the Board of Directors of an organization called Parent Finders. I searched and reunited many adoptees with siblings and birth parents. It's been a few years since I have done searches as I found it too time consuming as I have a full time job as well. I still enjoy meeting people and helping whenever I can.

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