Dr. Drew Searching for Estranged Loved Ones

alicastJanuary 5, 2010

A new reality program with DR. DREW PINSKY is currently looking for individuals who have been estranged from loved ones, siblings, parents, children or close friends for over a year or more.

Are there two people in your life who used to be very close, but after some kind of falling out, they havenâÂÂt spoken in years (i.e.- best friends, co workers, siblings, parents / children)? Is this falling out affecting your life, and the people around you, as well as theirs? If so, DR. DREW would like to hear your story.

Please email us you name, contact info and a short summary of your story to ali@kasstinginc.com. All information is kept strictly confidential unless we use your story; participants chosen will be compensated. Thank you!

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Suggest Dr. Drew should instead do a series on worthless spammers like you. Please email me a thousand dollars for this great advice and I'll provide even more terrific ideas. Set up a special line just for you: asolo@biteme.net

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LMFAO Asolo....OMG

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