Virtual paint-a-room to visualize colors?

mc510March 23, 2012

I vaguely recall a few years back that I read about a free service where you could upload a photo of your room, and actual humans somewhere would (invisibly) mark off paintable areas, and you could then try out what your room would look like with different color walls and trim. But now that I want to use this kind of tool, I can't find it. Maybe I was dreaming. Anyone aware of a good free tool like this?

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Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer this on their sites...of the two, I have found SW to be more "user-friendly". Sometimes I can get the BM to do what I want, other times I waste half an hour only to have my "saved" colors disappear & have to start again.

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thanks brendainnj, I just checked out the SW tool ... it looks like it would be an awful lot of work to mark off all the paintable areas! Gotta carefully go around wall hangings, lamps, furniture, etc. Any tips on making that easier? And does it give a realistic result in the end after all the work? (i.e., when changing the color of a wall, does it preserve shading and shadows, or does it just do a simple "color fill"?)

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