Interior paint or exterior paint for inside garage?

jenva2010March 21, 2012

We need to paint the drywall walls inside the garage, as well as the garage side of the door leading into the house and the door to the backyard. Should we use exterior paint, since it will be exposed to temperature fluctuations? Or interior paint, since it will be protected from sun, rain, etc.?

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Either one is fine!

I'd give a slight nod to Exterior paints, since their resins are a LITTLE more flexible than Interior paints.
That's by far the main difference!

MORE importantly tho...
Clean those walls!!!
Vacuum them off well, and ideally, use a primer first for the best long-run look.
Use an Exterior Satin or Semi-gloss for the walls in a Garage IMO...MUCH easier cleaning there if a higher sheen is used!


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

.MUCH easier cleaning there if a higher sheen is used!

Right, like he is going to be out in the garage cleaning the walls. I just bet. Not sayin you are not correct, just that it will NEVER happen.People don't clean the walls in there own homes.

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Thank you! If I use exterior paint, is there primer designed for exterior use, or can I use the same primer I use inside? (I've only ever painted inside the house, so I'm totally clueless in this area.)

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Exterior paint over any primer. Make sure the walls are clean. Watch out for mildew depending on your climate.

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