Pumpkin, Plus Stuffing?

lbpodOctober 8, 2012

With the recent postings about winter squashes, it

gave me an idea. How about if I cut a pumpkin in

half, and after scooping out the gooky stuff, filled

each half with dressing, (stuffing), for the Thanksgiving

meal. And then bake it and serve in the natural

pumpkin 'bowl'. People can take just the dressing,

or take some of the baked flesh of the pumpkin, or

both, (no need to prepare squash). What problems

might I run into?

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Ever eaten just baked pumpkin? Not good!!
wouold use something like a hubbard squash or a marina del choggia or a galleaux....will taste a lot better than a pumpkin.
Then I would carefully cut the top off the squash, scoop out the guts, add a little water or apple juice or chicken broth, and replace the top and bake...probably about an hour at 350. You want the meat to get fairly soft, but not so soft that the sides collapse.
then I would butter the insides of the squash, sprinkle with salt and pepper and stuff with your warm or room temp stuffing, replace the lid....or not....and bake another 40 minutes or so.
Not sure I would like it but the presentation ought to be very nice!...might even consider slicing it for serving.

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I say go for it, except use Hubbard squash instead of pumpkin. So much tastier. In fact, I once found a football sized one and made a similar dish and it was fab. Seems like if you found a pumpkin big enough to function as a serving dish I'm not sure how much room there would be inside, and if there was a lot of room, I'm not sure how good the pumpkin would be. But then again I am not a cooked unsweetened pumpkin fan. Hubbard squash on the other hand, I adore.

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I also say go for it, and I'm not a cooked pumpkin fan either, other than in baked goods!

You could do a large one or you could use the same idea with small acorn/carnival type squashes with the tops cut off or just cut in half. Cut off a bit of the bottom to make them sit flat.

Hmmm. I might steal that idea!


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lbpod, it's a great idea. Sorry to tell you, but you did not invent the idea. You will find a million recipes for stuffed pumkin if you Google.

I have done it a few times for halloween. Not bad. Now I prefer stuffed Kabocha squash.


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You are right Dcarch,as always,... my idea was not original, (hanging my head in shame). I did Google, as you advised and found this, (see link below), so I will substitute my dressing/stuffing for the stuffing in the recipe.
If nothing else, the presentation value will be very

Here is a link that might be useful: Stuffed Pumpkin

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"---,... my idea was not original, (hanging my head in shame). ----"


One year I made turducken, I decided to be clever and baked a pumkin stuffed with a squash and another squash inside. I thought that was original. Well it had been done many times. :-)


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That recipe is you linked, lbpod, is quite unique and sounds fabulous! Definitely going to try it.

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