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kathecFebruary 8, 2011

First of all, I'd like to say, thank you for answering all my CC & C2 questions over the past couple of years. I STILL haven't done my kitchen. Originally I was just going to paint my builder oak cabinets, but got a steal of a deal on some painted maple cabinets. The paint job morphed into a full remodel, but I'm getting closer. In fact, I "think" I've decided on a color for my island. Originally, I thought to do it Ace's Cabinet & Door as the original color I'd picked out is fairly dark (Ace's Turquoise Bay). But, I've changed my mind and would like a lighter color, Martha Stewart's Vintage Kitchen from the Sherwin Williams line. Plus, I REALLY love the satin sheen of CC. I'm wondering if the color I've chosen is light enough to mix in CC. My local store carries both the white and tinting base in Gallons. Would you be able to tell me if this is too much added tint?

Here's the formula on the label of the Sherwin Williams Sample QUART:

Extra White Base

BAC Colorant

B1 - Black 64-1, 128-1

G2 - New Green 32-2, 64-1

Y3 - Deep Gold 32-1

The spaces won't line up on this post and the label is right on the curve of the squarish can, so I can't post a picture.

Thank you so much!


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Sorry it took me so long on this!

That formula is plenty light enough....therefore it's OK to use in the Cab-Ct. TINT-BASE....NOT the White base, which is too White!

I had to do some formula-translation! I'm used to a "48ths." database. Your/SW's formula is based on "32nds".


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Thanks so much! I thought you were pretty quick! I am just amazed that you could even answer it. Now all I have to do is make ABSOLUTELY sure it's what I want.

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