Using BIN primer

ArapahoFebruary 19, 2009

I am using BIN primer for my bathroom. I used a brush to apply it because it's such a thin product. Do I need to sand this before applying paint? The surface feels extremely smooth now. Are there any other things I should know about using this primer? Thanks.

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I would only sand it if it is rough.

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You're good-to-go as is Arapaho!

I primed my family-room with it ~4yrs ago, using a roller.
Yes, it is a little thinner than many paints, but it works well.
Smoothness of its surface doesn't matter. The fact that you now have an excellent surface for your paint to chemically bond to, does!!


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Thanks for your help. I used BIN because I think I have nicotine coming through the paint when showers are taken and steam enters the room. It's a light brown substance and you can actually see it drip down the walls. It freaked me out when I first saw it but some have said that it could be nicotine. It only happens in the bathrooms. BIN creates such a nice smooth surface and seals the walls very well since I've been told it's like shelac. It's worth the odor and the thin texture. It dries very fast too.

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That's surfactant leaching, not nicotine. It's a fairly common problem in bathrooms or other rooms with high moisture. Surfactants are ingredients in paint that usually evaporate under good drying conditions, but in areas like bathrooms, condensation on the walls or high moisture can draw the surfactants out and they can look like brown streaks or stains. When painting bathrooms, you need to let that paint dry before showering. If it is not dry and you take a shower and coat the walls with moisture it is like rewetting the paint film as if the room had just been painted. Do this every day, and the paint will never dry. Try to let the paint dry completely before showering. What can help is not using the shower for a few days after painting, showering with the door open or a window open, using the bath fan, etc.

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As PG says, the "leaching" issue looks "weird", but can be avoided.

We always ask people to give the paint a day or 2 b4 a load of steam hits it!
Even then...we ALWAYS mention it's not fully cured (for washing purposes) for ONE MONTH. "Dry" in a day...Yes. Cured for washing...Noooo way!


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This info on leaching is interesting because when we bought this house 5 years ago (it's 57 years old now), I had the entire house painted 9 months before we moved in so no showers were being taken for that length of time.

Something must have been done to the bathroom before we were here but what? Kitchen/Bath paint was used by our painter. The prep or should I say lack of it by this painter did not help matters. I was naive and didn't realize I wasn't getting a professional job.

Any ideas on what this could be? We have two bathrooms back to back (they share a common wall) but the leaching is much worse in one than the other. Maybe because one has a bathtub/shower curtain setup with ceiling exhaust fan while the other has an enclosed steam-type shower with an exhaust fan right inside the shower on the ceiling. The first bath has the worst problem.

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I live in a very old house and plan to apply Bin to the ceiling. How long do I have to wait before I put texture on it. I plan to cover the old plaster with drywall joint compound and make a rough texture. Will the bin stay on when I do this? Thanks

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