passive smoking

tracystokeJanuary 27, 2012

I have tryed to google this but cant find anything.My kids age 5 and 3 play with some girls up the road ,they play in my house because my kids are to young to play out.The girls mother smokes in the house and the girls stink of it ,everything ,clothes ,bags ,teddys,even nightwear,anyways my kids have been in a tent playing with the girls tonight and have developed a horrible cough,im convinced its due to this ,is it possible to passive smoke on someones ,?

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" it possible to passive smoke on someones ,?"

Assuming you may have meant " it possible for smoke to cling to and/or impregnate fabrics, hair, or other objects?" the answer is a clear-cut yes. Actually It's well beyond "possible". It's a certainty. Only a matter of degrees.

As far as your being "convinced" your children's cough is due to this, I don't know what to say. Different people have different sensitivities to it ranging from nothing to quite severe. Depends on all kinds of things. In your children's cases it may be primary cause or be completely unrelated.

For myself, the stink is enough. I don't like it. I certainly don't want to smell like it. Smokers seem to be oblivious to it.

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I know that people with respiratory problems or reactive airways can cough because of cigarette smoke residue on other people's clothes, etc., because it happens to me all the time.

Where I work, many of the people I help smoke. They have to leave the building and walk across the street, off the property, to smoke. Even though they walk back all the way across the street and up the stairs, the smoke residue from their clothes, skin and hair irritates my lungs and makes me cough. I wasn't always like this, I developed this problem as an adult.

It's an awkward issue for you. I'm sure you would hate to tell the girls they can't play together, particularly when that may not even be the problem. I hope you find something that works.

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Thanks,my mum used to smoke,but never around my kids ,but when we left her house my kids came home coughing, thats what makes me so sure its these girls, but daisy you are right I cant tell the girls to stop playing with my kids,they are lovely girls and my kids love them,i have already said to the older girl when she keeps coughing "its because your mother smokes in the same room as you"and ive told them many times errgh you stink of fags,so its not a hush hush thing I just wanted to know for sure if it was definatly possible to passive smoke like that and its frightening to think what damage it may be causing.

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So insist the girls only play at your house, where you aren't smoking.

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Colleen, when I read her original post, I think she is talking about the smoke residue already on these neighbor children when they come over to her house to play with her girls. Sounds like the little girls were playing in a tent set up inside her own home.

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yes daisy your exactly right i was talking about the smoke already on the neighbours kids and the tent was set up in my house,they are still little,i wouldnt let my kids out of my sight let alone in someone elses house.

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What is the mother like, are you friendly with her ?

Could the children play outside in your back yard ?

It is just terrible to contemplate passive smoking affecting children via items that have absorbed the passive smoke.

I spent years breathing in my father's smoke, in the car, at the office, at home. Geesh terrible.

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Its too cold over here for the kids to play in the garden,and i really like the girls mother so thats not an issue ,there is not much i can do about it really.

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If you really like the mother - talk to her about your concerns.

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She knows i dont like smoking in front of kids, but it really is not my place to ask her not to smoke in her own home in front of her children,i just could not do that ,i suppose like yourself ,alot of us grew up around smokers and we seem ok now and not affected, so maybe she thinks like that,like asolo says smokers seem oblivious to the smell,i grew up with both my parents smoking in front of us ,it never botherd me ,nothing was said back then,not like today where we have it drummed into us,but now ive got kids i would never ever breath that crap on them,but mabe thats because im not a smoker,but i certainly could not tell someone else to stop.

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Well you don't have to ask her to stop but maybe she could modify her behavior a bit. She could pop outside to have a ciggie instead of smoking near your children.

With these situations it is how your word your concerns, that is the crucial thing.

Good luck with it all.

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thats just it, she does not smoke any where near my kids ,she would never light up in my house ,its her kids that reek of it and im sure my kids are breathing it in,im not over protective im was just asking if you can passive smoke through someones belongings

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