need help with my kitchen dinning area

tinkgirl12987February 7, 2013

i have a 11 by 14 kitchen- well larger but the reminder of the kitchen we would like to use for a dinning area. as you can see from the picture we have several openings and windows to take into consideration. 3 of the openings must stay. one we are willing to close. ( i wrote it in the picture)
our sink is currently by the right back window. i would like to keep it there because our yard is nice to look at while doing dreadful dishes.
we have the oven and cook top as a slide in- 36 x 32
we want to have a dishwasher somewhere and right now our fridge is huge- IMO its 36 wide 32 deep.
i was going to put an L shape with some cabinets on the wall close to the living room (that is if i close up that opening) but then it was 7.6 feet between the cabinets (one side of the kitchen to the other) i heard that's too wide. and also too small for an island. any thoughts?

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here is one idea but you can see that there is 8 feet between the stove and sink / fridge

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here is the other option this seems more crowded to me but i get to keep the opening to the living room from the kitchen. but the stove has less room on each side for prep.

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Do you need a family room and a living room? If not, you could do an absolutely amazing kitchen in the large space at the top,with a huge island running left or right, with a walk-in pantry at the right or left end, and then use the family room for dining. Just a thought. : )

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taking the windows into consideration i came up with this. it could work. i have to discuss with hubby and ask if he wants a family room or just a living room. i think we were considering making the "family room into a "formal dinning" so it could work. is this what you had in mind? is 3.4' by 6.8' a wide enough pantry?

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