Funcolors, I need your help one more time please??

cheryl58February 23, 2011

Hi Funcolors,

You helped to identify a color for me previously. I have found bathroom colors that I am interested in. They are used in a bathroom with quite a bit of light (mine has very little and everything turns muddy so I do need to invest in some "Reveal bulbs...) I cannot tell what the greenish-bluish-gray paint is in this pic. I have already had the recommendation to use Bittersweet Chocolate for an espresso color to paint my ugly, old white vanity that hubby says must stay (he is being cheap!) Anyway, can you please, please tell me what paint color is used in this picture. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Need my *big computer* to do this - only have a laptop right now. Will get back to this.

You do understand that I snag the 'electronic' color sample and let the numbers - color math - tell me what colors *match* and I throw in a little bit of my best guess to support that data.

Guess is a really important word to take away.

This whole process is a best guess scenario. There is nothing exact or scientifically solid about it.

I am giving you my best guess using the tools I have to use combined with my experienced color-eye.

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Oh, I totally understand. I know your eye for color though just from being a "lurker" to the boards. I really would appreciate any help at all with this. I am painting my old, worn-out vanity "Bittersweet Chocolate" by BM and this picture just "hits me the right way"... I cannot tell you how many sample pots I have in my bathroom right now :)

I know everybody loves SW sea salt and I thought that was going to be the winner until I put it on my wall. It really is baby blue. I did change the light bulbs to "Reveal" but it really doesn't help. I am looking for more of a green and the Sea Salt did not go anywhere near green for me.

I also tried a color from Behr called "Pale Lichen". It is "mostly" nice but looks a bit "minty" in spots (the brighter lit areas). UGH! Why is paint so hard to get right? You get this picture in your head but that doesn't mean it is going to work on the walls....

Sorry for rambling. I am definitely in paint sample h-ll right now! I really do appreciate your help in anyway. Your best guess is the best guess that I could get !!


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Not an expert, but that picture looks similar to my family room. I couldn't find the paint the previous owners used, and holding it up to my Benjamin Moore deck, I thought it might be Gray Cashmere. Eventually we turned up a can of the real paint and it's SW Livable Green. Good luck finding THE color. I'm currently in mortal fear of being buried alive under sample boards of paint for the den...

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Lori A. Sawaya

Lighting is quite dramatic in the photo, can't find an untainted pixel from which to lift color.

But like zoobie, I have a few ideas. Ellen Kennon's Seafoam was the first one to pop in my head.

Also and old color from Martha Stewart's collect at SW called Dupioni #8057 - OMG it is a GORGEOUS wall color. SW can still mix it.

Lastly, there's this one from Behr's palette named "Restful" - again a GORGEOUS green wall color that is very pretty - not sickly minty or old-fashioned institutional mental hospital green.

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zoobie and funcolors,

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions! I do love that wall color and will look into Livable Green and all the colors funcolors mentioned. I am sure they will look different in my dark bathroom than in this bright, beautiful bath so we will see... Thanks again. This site is so great for being able to draw on other people's knowledge and experience. Thanks again!

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