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sawallisFebruary 15, 2011

Sorry for the long post. We are in the middle of a nightmare paint job in our bathroom, part of a larger remodel project, and I need advice. The paint crew was in our house for 2 days - we couldn't go inside between days 1 and 2 because everything, including the plastic sheets protecting the wood floors, was covered in wet paint. Once we got in to inspect the work, it was too late.

The contractor has told us they will redo everything (and we have not paid him yet), but needless to say I am very upset.

Question #1 - They did a horrible job of prepping new beadboard, baseboards, cabinets (no sanding whatsoever) but unfortunately they were very liberal with caulk. The stuff they used is easily peeling off the baseboards and I'm not sure it should even be on the baseboards. Should caulk only be used to cover seams in beadboard and fill in minor imperfections in the other wood cuts? What brand and type of caulk is best?

Question #2 - We had a large amount of sheetrock repair done before painting. The painters added some powdered gritty texture to the primer to try to mimic the existing texture on the walls, but what they used feels like very rough sandpaper on portions of the walls and we're making them sand it down because it does not match at all. This is a 1950's house with lots of layers of paint on top of some type of rolled on texture, kind of looks like a subtle orange peel texture. Any recommendations of product to use?

Question #3 - Is there any reason why BM Aura paint in semi-gloss would NOT work on bathroom beadboard, trim and cabinets? That was the paint I selected, then the painters said they wouldn't warranty their work unless they used Glidden. Naively, I allowed the switch. The color is not an exact match to BM Dove White that I picked out and it feels soft, not durable. On this re-do I want to use BM unless there is is excellent reason why it's not a good choice. Thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

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Honestly, this all just sounds like they are not professionals. Caulk is not meant to be used to fill holes at all. It's for gaps. It also sounds like they are incapable of matching a texture. I would be to, but I would admit it up front instead of winging it. Removing that sand may not be easy at all. Wet paint on plastic on the floor for 2 days? I almost want to say it sounds like they were just trying to keep you out of there. There is no problem with using the Aura on the cabinets and trim. In fact, it is probably among the better choices available. I would worry though that painters that can't do it right the first time won't be able to do it right the second or third time either.

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I agree completely. They were not professionals and they had zero respect for our home. In addition to doing a thoroughly crappy job, they used a BOX KNIFE to trim off sections of the protective floor coverings that were put down to save our 60 year old hardwood floors and sliced the floors around the perimeter of most rooms. My blood is boiling just typing this!! All of this happened before Christmas and I still haven't calmed down enough to allow the contractor back in the house (except to have him over immediately after we discovered everything so we could convey just how unhappy we were).

I'm not letting the same paint crew back in my house. We're dealing with a contractor who has several crews and why we were given these guys, I have no idea. Thanks for the confirmation that Aura is a good choice.

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I'm so sorry you're goin' thru H#ll with these painters/GC!!

If I had time, I'd come & help!
(I'd bring along some better paint too...;-))

Doesn't matter much now, but what exact Glidden paint-series/sheens were used?

Aura for bath????
Hell's an awesome paint. Fast-drying, but very good paint!


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