How long before polyurethane?

nicethymeFebruary 3, 2007

I've done some paint work on my LR tables that I really want to protect. How long do I let this cure before I can urethane? I hope quick cause I don't know how long I can keep threatening my kids' lives if they go near them! LOL

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This made me curious, so I did some googling, and darned if I could find anything. The only thing I recall about paint curing is that when I put a wall border up (12 years ago) paint store said it would take 30 days for paint to fully cure before border could go on it. I know you didn't want to hear that ;) I think Michael told someone over in Home Dec allow a week for today's latex paints to cure, but I'm not positive on that. If you could get his attention, or ask in Home Dec, maybe someone could confirm that.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Seven days is long enough for acrylic latex paints to cure prior to a polyurethane topcoat.

If you want a super smooth finish, you'll need to *lightly* wet sand between poly coats with #600 wet or dry sandpaper.


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Okay, so give each table a week before I do it? If I go the wet sanding route, how long does a coat of urethane need before sanding?

LOL yep that 30 day thing was horrid sounding!

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Please make sure to read the manufacturuers instructions concerning base paint coat compatibility and other application directions prior to applying or even buying the poly.

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If I go the wet sanding route, how long does a coat of urethane need before sanding? Sorry, you might be well into this project now, but just saw this so I'll chime in ;) Let it dry. It has to feel hard. If poly feels the least bit tacky or gummy Do No Touch It. You will have a small nightmare on your hands. The can will generally instruct as to dry times, but that can vary vastly with temps and humidity. (I had an antique I was refinishing in the summer. Indoors, but it took well over 24 hours for some crazy reason to lose that tacky feel. But that's extreme.) If you don't overload, keep coats thin, it should be dry within 12 hours for sure.

DH does woodworking, I do refinishing (for fun). He applies poly with balled up pantyhose. A woodworking trick he learned, he swears it creates less tiny bubbles. I find it to be a pain myself and just use a brush. I did use Minwax Rub On poly for our oak stair rail he built, that just went on with a rag (lint free, like a t-shirt). It's held up quite well and I used Satin, so it's got a nice soft glow. (But it will 'amber up' as many oil-based polys tend to do, taking on a golden amber hue over time.) If you want to avoid ambering, look into water-based poly, but again, I've not applied it over paint so can't personally attest to what it will do.

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Moon, thankyou. I have (amazing) not started this yet... I know - 30 days isn't such a bad number now LOL! I have yet to complete the final table and I hate to go on to the next step until I finish the last! Thank you for your info! I appreciate it!

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