Just bought a Breville Grille. Suggestions/recipes/techniques?

bellsmomOctober 7, 2012

(Cross post with Appliances--Hope that's OK)

I am just opening and getting ready to make friends with a new Breville Grille. I could sure use some help here.

I would really appreciate information from experienced users.

What/how do you cook on yours?

Recipes? Techniques? Which plate when? Following suggestions in other threads, I bought extra plates, so I have two ridged, two plain. Do you use both top and bottom ridged plates for steaks? (Gonna try steaks tomorrow.)

I'm pretty much NOT impressed by the recipes and instructions that come with it. Thank goodness for GW!


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I have never owned a Breville, but have used and owned a sandwich grill and have used several George Foreman grills.
Why not just toss on a hamburger patty and see what you think?
I don't think much of steaks grilled like a cheese sandwich, so I would grill a steak with the grill open...I tried that with the GF grill and it wasn't hot enough to really "grill" it...
I think your results will be very similar to those using a stove top grill pan.....tryu it with the various things you would think of grilling....chicken breast, steak, pork chop, brats, or burger. I don't think I would even try to grill something like a whole turkey breast or a leg of lamb or a good sized beef roast on it though.

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Thanks, Lindac
Years ago I had an electric grill with two flat plates and two waffle plates. It did OK hamburgers, sausages, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and waffles. Worthless for steaks and anything that I wanted to sear.

I am hoping to be able to get this one hot enough to grill steaks. I like them rare, so it has to heat enough to sear the outside without cooking the steak all the way through. Maybe closing the adjustable lid gently so juices aren't pressed out and searing both sides at once will work? Like you say, I don't want a grilled cheese sandwich type steak. Guess I'll find out. It's gotta get HOT though. And the top ribbed grill has to just touch on the steaks, not smash them. (When the weather is bad and I don't want to go outside to the wood/gas grills, I frequently cook steaks on a big flat grill over two burners because the broiler in my 8 yr old Jenn Air is totally useless. That's also how I sear steaks cut from sous vide' roasts. I am hoping this expensive toy will tide me over until I can get a CC to replace the Jenn Air.

I think fish and shrimp will work--again, if it gets hot enough.

Hamburgers and other patties of any ground meat, brats or other round sausages, I am sure will work. Bacon and ham should work.

Panini type sandwiches will work, of course. I wonder about grilling veggies--asparagus, sweet potatoes, green beans, which I usually do in a big skillet or the big two-burner grill when it's just too hot to heat up the oven and roast them.

I think I will try sliced apples, pancakes, bacon, and eggs, using a flat grill and a ribbed one.

I'm hoping that someone who uses a Breville will comment about how they use theirs.


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I was just reading the reviews at W&S, seems like a great appliance, some of the reviews are worth reading for tips

Here is a link that might be useful: W&S Breville reviews

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Thank you for the link, Mitchdesj. I'll look at the site when I finish this note.

I can report that bacon, eggs, sliced apples, and pancakes were a success.

The bacon cooked perfectly on the ribbed side, draining into the drip tray. The apples browned nicely (and quickly) with a little butter.

I had the unit on the highest temp (450), which was a bit much for the pancakes. They cooked through before they were too brown, but barely. Eggs were perfect.

Tonight I'll do the steaks. Xing my fingers.

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