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Kara_PAJanuary 12, 2002

I've been thinking that it's getting close to the time to start investigating video tapes for DS (up til now we've been strictly no tv for him). He's almost 19mo. I would love to start a foreign language with him, and, coincidentally, think that video tapes are probably the way to go, as DH doesn't speak a second language and the little German & Russian I've retained was barely enough to get me around the subway in Prague.

And, lo and behold, I open the mail yesterday, and we've received a Muzzy catalog -- which looks fantastic until I get to the PRICE!!! Holy cow!

Any other language series tapes that are really good? Our local library's selection is paltry, so I might have to buy some or check on eBay, but I'd like to know what to look for first. Thanks!

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Do you have a DVD player? A lot of the DVD's now can be played back in a selection of languages, typically french and spanish, although there are other languages. You just have to look at the video label - just watch out because sometimes the second language is caption only, and other times it's actually audio playback in other languages.

It's really an easy way to immerse them in a second language.

Also - may be able to check some DVD's out from your local library.

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Check out some sign language tapes. Sign is one of easiest languages to learn in that the language is completely visual. Sign is also one of the most frequently used languages in the US. E-mail me if you want more information.


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Your local library. might be obliged to get materials by interlibray loan. Ask! We used Muzzy Spanish from the library and also several Spanish Dr. Seuss videos. You can get a "Lyric Language" video which has the cartoon "Family Circus" kids singing alternating in English and the target language. (Again, we use Spanish, but I think they are available in several languages.) Disney movies are available in other languages, the songs, dialogue and all. There is a sweet intro video from Usborne publishers called, "First Fun with Spanish." French is available in that one, too. My library also has a couple of "vocabulary" videos which present simple scenes and still photos where things are just named as they are presented--a very boring approach for some people, but actually sometimes engaging for a very little child who is used to constantly picking up new words anyway.

I have heard very good things about Jump-Start languages, which is CD-ROM, but I have never personally looked at it as my child was a bit too old for it when he started Spanish. Remember, too, there are lots of CD-ROM programs (I highly recommend Rosetta Stone!) and audio tapes, "baby books," children's music, card games, etc for languages. And TreKaren's idea of DVD is tops. A DVD player, when we can affford it, will be much used in our language learning.

However, the best way to learn a language is from someone speaking it to and with you in everyday life. If you don't have any friends who speak the language you want your child to learn, make some!

What language are you hoping your son will learn? If it is Spanish, I can give you some more resources. For now, have a look at this link.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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