faron--BM Advance vs. Ace Cabinet&Trim--waterborne alkyds both

mahatmacat1February 4, 2012


I'm wondering if you could give your experienced professional opinion about these two trim paints -- I was very surprised to see that the Ace Cabinet & Trim is also a waterborne alkyd, same as the BM Advance. The Ace folks said they could match my colors, too. Is Ace just as good as the BM, if you've tried it? TIA.

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The ACE C&T actually came out in late '07 actually! So it's been 4.5 yrs. now!
The BM paint is newer obviously, and probably more expensive, but I'm not sure.

Which one's better....?!?!
* Well....Some of it depends on prep., how good you are with technique, equipment, etc.
* I haven't used the BM. It may be a hair better...but it depends on many things, as I said.
* The ACE may be a better $$Value, depending on the BM costs, any sales, etc.
* I like the way the ACE applies & levels though!
* My fave though is the FPE-ECO as I babble about sometimes! It's another Waterborne-Alkyd. It's damn-near addicting!
* I could also hit most colors in the ACE C&T!!

Sorry for no "definite" paint answers!!
Like with cars...if you compare 6 similiar sedans, you'll get many different answers as to who's best!!!


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Ah, o.k...your answers do help. Except that you've now introduced the FPE into the equation : ) (I didn't know about it before). I'm betting it's more expensive than either, though...I'll call the local distributor and see, and I'll look up your old posts re the FPE and see what you have said about it. Thanks very much for your help. I have a lot of trim to paint, and we're matching the trim to the color of the room (modern), so I'll have a fair amount to purchase--I know, not the smartest way to go about it, but I do want the trim just to be a sheen of the same color, rather than a separate line of its own. Thanks again!

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I used Ace Cabinet paint a few years ago to paint a toy box. It was at least a month until I could put it in my daughter's room due to the smell. The paint turned out great but the smell was overwhelming.

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This is another one of these-
"Individual sensitivity" issues for sure!

What smells like "H*ll" to me, may not be very noticeable to you, and vice-versa.
I didn't think the ACE C/D/T paint had much odor at all!

Take Zinsser's 123 Latex primer....GREAT primer.
I can't take the smell of it though...I won't use it!
I can use the C2-One primer (same type of primer) all day though! To ME...the C2 doesn't have much odor.

Yeah....it's not the cheapest stuff on the planet, but if you prep right/sand, etc., you can have "show-stopping" trim-work IMO!


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