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grignonJanuary 6, 2006

My son's are growing up-9 1/2 and 7. I've always been honest about reproductive issues that have come up (fathers contribute half the seed to make a baby; babies come out of the mother's vagina, not her butt) but haven't addressed any of the explicit details of anatomy, copulation or the most difficult of all, the emotional complexities.

I'd like to hear how other's have approached sex education, their success and what they'd do different (and why).

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I have always kept an open dialogue with my kids. It's so much easier to discuss these matters at a younger age than when they are 11 and up. By then they are not so receptive. I use almost any opportunity to talk. Seeing people hug. TV shows that bring up "adult" issues. I once explained what a foreskin is to my daughter after watching "Meet the Fockers" with my young teen kids.

As my kids entered 5th grade, the subject of "the movie" came up. I had to sign a permission slip. So I went out and found appropriate books for both kids and looked them over. I have a girl and a boy. The books were good about discussing the basics of boy/girl love and sex and BC and feelings etc. but were lacking in values discussion. So I did that part. About treating one's own and others' sexuality with reverence and waiting, etc. I purchased a book for my son called "What's Going On Down There?" I liked the tone and the content.

My kids are 13 and 15, I don't know the results of my approach quite yet!

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Is "Fockers" a minced oath?

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I have no opinion on "Fockers." You'll have to ask the writers. Here is a link to the movie site. It was a sequel to "Meet the Parents." It ended up being a bit more ribald than the first movie, which surprised me but also offered ample opportunity to discuss adult sexuality and values.

Here is a link that might be useful: Movie.

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